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    David Farland

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask but has anyone read David Farland? I got one of his books, "The sum of all men" and it looks quite interesting. I also heard its adapted to become a movie. Have not started reading it coz I'm working my way though HP and the Order of the Phoenix.

    Is David Farland any good or should I not bother?
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    Good magic concept, interesting storyline idea, but Farland isn't a good writer. So it turns out average-mediocre.

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    I read and enjoyed the first three books, but the fourth book has been sitting waiting to be read for about three years. I have it, but keep forgetting about it.

    Like Nightsorrow says, the magic, monsters and world-building are very good.

    Runelords is an old, but lengthy topic on the books.

    I conducted this interview with Farland almost six years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob B View Post
    I read and enjoyed the first three books, but the fourth book has been sitting waiting to be read for about three years. I have it, but keep forgetting about it.

    I liked all four books - but felt the fourth, The Lair of Bones, to be a curiously rushed affair. It was almost as if Farland had had enough of his own creation and simply wanted to wrap things up as quickly as possible.

    However, late last year a new Runelords book was published, Sons of the Oak. And I understand a sixth volume - Worldbinder - is slated for release later this year.

    I have "Sons" - which I understand to be the start of a "sequel series" - but have yet to read it. Some comments I've read haven't been too favourable, to be honest.

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    I enjoyed the series. The central concept of Runes is great and the books were optioned by Hollywood, though I'm not sure what happened with it. As far as the actual novels, the writing is weak at first, but I think the author improves with each release, with my personal favorite being "Wizardborn". "The Lair of Bones" essentially wraps up the first series, but, as mentioned before, it felt rushed.

    I've read "Sons of the Oak" and it is basically the start of a new series. Also, it feels aimed toward younger readers so be warned. The writing is much more polished, and actually reminds me some of Terry Brooks. I'll probably check out the next in the series just to see where it goes story wise...


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    I think they are great books!! He created an original magic system and world that just warps my mind!!

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    I loved the first four books of the series. Battles, Monster, World -building, Magic, etc..

    Great set of books.

    The Fifth book, I was a little disappointed in. It was alright, but, it just didnt have the same feel as the first. I will read the sixth book, but, only if I find it used or something.

    If you are going to read it, grab the first four..

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