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    Favourite Fantasy Characters

    Okay, I'm new here and maybe this has been done before, but I was wondering who are your favourite fantasy characters.
    This isn't just an excuse for people to start bashing authours etc.
    I just wanted to know which characters people think will stick with them for life, whose characters who they love and would want to read about again.

    Mine are probably Mara from the Empire Trilogy,Tyrion from ASOIAF.

    I like these characters because they have real emotional depth and develop with the story they are not simply black and white. Tyrion especially at first I wanted to hate him but...

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    Yeah it's been done before, but there are a good number of new members since the last time we did this. Links to the old threads are at the bottome, but here are some of mine

    Radgar from Lord of the Firelands/Tales of the Kings Blades by Dave Duncan
    Flagg from various Stephen King Novels/Fantasies
    Thomas Covenant and Saltheart Foamfollower from Donaldson Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
    Tyrion from A Song of Ice and Fire is just plain fun to read.
    Biago, Alzarian and Richius Vantran from Tyrants and Kings by John Marco
    Simon, Binabik and Guthwulf from Memory, Sorrow and Thorn I enjoyed Simon's growth as a character.

    Favorite Heroine
    Favourite Character

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    Here are some of mine:

    Matrim Cauthon - The Wheel of Time, sometimes i think i read that series only for him.
    Arya and Jon Snow - A Song of Ice and Fire.
    Jimmy the Hand - The Riftwar Saga
    Corwin - The Amber Chronicles
    Tas, Tanis, Raistlin, Flint...hell all of the Heroes of the Lance - Dragonlance Chronicles
    Gerald Tarrant - The Cold Fire Trilogy
    Drizzt Do'Urden - Dark Elf Trilogy
    Elric - Elric books

    There are probably more, those are the ones that i can think of right now.

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    Raistlin rules....(Dragonlance)
    Thomas Covenant... well I wouldn't say he's my favourite but definitely a character worth reading about. After all he's moren anti-hero than a hero.
    Ged the Sparrowhawk from the Earthsea trilogy
    Pug from Magician
    and this may come as a surprise to some... Auda Ibn Jad from Weis/Hickman's Rose of the Prophet
    Mara from the Empire trilogy....

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    Probably my first and longest standing favorite was Flint Fireforge from Dragonlance.

    I also like Jon Snow fro ASoIaF a lot too.

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    Most of my favorites have been mentioned already. However I would add Silk from David Eddings' Belgariad and The Hound from ASOIAF... he's a pretty interesting character.

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    Tyrion ofcourse.
    Tormund, one of the wildlings in ASOIAF. That guy was probably the funiest character i've ever come across. He made me laugh out loud.
    Sephiroth from final fantasy 7 is the best bad guy in my opinion.

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    Yep, I have to agree with those who rate Tyrion the Imp from ASoIaF as their favorite. His sense of humour combined with his brilliant wit make him the most entertaining fantasy character I have encountered. I read somewhere that Tyrion is George R.R. Martin's favorite character to write, and this seems evident from the books. I think you can really sense the affection GRRM has for the Imp.

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    Personaly, I have the impresion that Tyrion and Daenerys are the main characters of the srory.
    We'll see...

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    Jon, Ayra, Bran in GRRM's ASOIAF
    Fitz Chivalry in Robin Hobbs Farseer Trilogy.
    Kalam, Anomander Rake and others in steven Eriksons ,Tale of Malazan Empire' series
    Alain, Sanglant and Liath in Kate Elliotts 'Crown of Stars series'.
    And tons of others from other books.

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    This is my first time here - just found this site and am hooked now - much to my kids' disgust.
    So - Favourite characters hey - where do I start...........
    I seem to have developed a penchant(?) for the strong, silent, (yet sensitive) types - Aragorn (LotT), Arathon (Wars of Light and Shadow), Allanon (Shannara), Arutha (Riftwar) - what's with all the "A"s.
    I also loved Artagel from Mordant's Need along with Geraden (who was so very unhero-like, you couldn't help but like him), Jimmy the Hand (when he was a young boy), and Brashen (Liveship Traders). There's also Zohra and Khardan from Weis/Hickman's Rose of the Prophet.
    Then there's all the others as well that have already been mentioned - Tyrion (SoIaF), Simon(MS&T), Jon Snow & Arya etc. Its a very long list because I've read heaps of books with too many lovable characters I guess.

    I'll put my favourite funny ones somewhere else.

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    Mine are....

    The Hound - A Song of Ice and Fire Series

    Druss the Legend (David Gemmell's Drenai Novels)

    Cnaiur Urs Skiotha - The Prince of Nothing Series

    Elias Machera - The Wheel of Time Saga

    Waylander the Slayer (Gemmell)

    Jon Snow - ASoiAF

    Ned Stark - AsoiAF

    Anyone from ASoiAF

    Rand Al'Thor - WoT

    Perrin Aybara - WoT

    Richard Rahl - Sword of Truth

    Anomander Rake - Malazan Book of the Fallen

    Walker Boh - Shannara

    Morgan Leah - Shannara

    The Legendary Rebel, Jack Random - Deathstalker Saga

    Kid Death - Deathwalker Saga

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    Thomas Covenant is an a-hole in my opinion - he rapes a girl in the very first book, and he's always complaining about the world around him.

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    Onos O' T'oolan


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