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    Second Part of the First Chapter

    Robby fell to the ground and sat next to his friend.
    “We could beat them if we were fighting together. Trenna wouldn’t stand a chance with a sword against you. And Antoinette only fights ruthlessly if there’s only one target. She can’t focus on two at a time. After you beat Trenna, we could team up on Antoinette and take victory.” Aidan whispered only loud enough for Robby to hear. Now, Robby understood what Aidan was doing. He had faked his defeat.
    Robby suddenly stood and turned to the others.
    “Trenna,” He began, “I suggest you arm yourself.”
    They stopped laughing and turned to him with curious looks on their faces.
    “What?” Trenna asked.
    Aidan jumped to his feet and held his sword high. “He means,” He said as he flipped his sword in the air, “Prepare your self.” He lashed his blade out towards Antoinette. She leapt backwards and bumped into a confused Trenna. They looked at each other and then at Aidan and Robby, who were armed and ready. They seemed to catch on. Trenna pulled a long, curved blade from it’s sheath that hung on her belt while Antoinette pulled Daughter of Light out of the ground and walked casually over to her starting position. The four of them all stared at each for a moment. No one moved.
    “GO! Thou canker-blossoms are too slow!” A howl split the air.
    Aidan, Antoinette, Robby, and Trenna all looked around the corral for the source of the scream. Aidan’s eyes finally fell on a large shadow underneath a tree to the south of the enclosure. He knew it was Captain Valithor. He should have known the moment the command left his grandfather’s glimpse’s lips. Aidan nudged Robby in the ribs and signaled an attack on Antoinette and Trenna while they were off-guard. They charged at the girls with their swords in front of them. Trenna was the first to catch on. She yelled at Antoinette while she hurtled forward to meet Robby’s broadsword with her scimitar. Trenna heaved his sword into the air with great force and spun around and struck Robby’s unguarded side. The blow knocked all the air out of him.
    Aidan gave a sideward glance at his friend’s status before he clashed blades with Antoinette. Their swords met at eye-level. Antoinette strained to keep her sword from falling out of her hands by the strength and force Aidan was pushing on his blade. He grinned, reflecting the same attitude Antoinette had worn when she thought she had bested him. She gave a mock smile and released her force on Fury and ducked to the side. Fury went crashing into the ground and before Aidan could pull it free of the ground’s grasp, Antoinette swung her blade at his back. He dropped to the ground and turned over onto his back. He used his foot to kick Daughter of Light out of Antoinette’s hands. As she ran to retrieve her sword, Aidan jumped to his feet and heaved Fury out of the ground just in time to parry away one of Antoinette’s strikes.
    Robby’s fight with Trenna was going harder then Aidan had indicated it would. Every time he swung his massive sword at her, Trenna dodged it without a thought. It seemed to Robby that it was almost as if she could see the strike before it came. Robby grimaced and continued to strike. Or at least, he tried to. As the battle went on, Trenna’s strikes came quicker and quicker as Robby’s strikes came slower and slower. His shoulders began to ache from heaving such a large blade.
    Even Kaliam’s sword weighed less then this! All my other swords even weighed less! Robby thought of dueling Kaliam with his sword and all the swords he had received from Paragor before he had become devoted to King Eliam. He persisted on trying to keep up with Trenna’s blows. It wasn’t his fault that he had been trained with broadswords. He’d become quite used to heavy blades by the time he came to the Realm. Lost in his thoughts, Robby didn’t pay attention to his opponent’s light sword. It flew at him and knocked him backwards. He landed on his back, his sword landed, right next to his head, in the ground. Robby thought to himself it was a good thing that he had not moved over, even the slightest bit. He glanced over at Aidan, who was barely moving fast enough to evade every one of Antoinette’s strikes. At least he’s doing better then me. He thought glumly.
    “Is this fight already over?” Trenna asked, walking over to where he now lay.
    Robby looked up at her. “I feel like I did a dive off a diving board and landed on my back.” He groaned.
    “That doesn’t answer my question, now does it, Sir Robby?” She asked, leering.
    Robby thought for a moment. Did he really want to be humiliated by losing again? No, of course not! No body wanted to be humiliated. He leapt to his feet, despite the pain running along his spine. He stood and leaned on his splendid sword for a second, aware of Trenna’s eyes, burning a hole in his back. He hesitated a minute moment, then thrust his sword out of the ground and whipped around to face Trenna, swinging his blade violently as he did. Trenna, caught by surprise, jumped backward. Then she swung her curved blade at Robby’s shoulder. Roby shifted his sword so that he could deflect Trenna’s attack with it. She used the force in his swing to spin herself around on one foot. Kaliam did that when we were fighting! Perhaps he taught her that. Robby realized.
    Antoinette stabbed the air with her sword when Aidan sidestepped the attack. He effortlessly struck her side with Fury while she straightened herself from her non-efficient blow. She winced but continued to endure the fight. By now, all the young warriors had been fighting for a little less then half an hour, and were all quite worn out. But Antoinette, being who she was, wouldn’t give up. She persisted in swinging heavy blows at Aidan until he held up a hand in defeat. Antoinette smiled and whistled to the others to get their attention. Trenna and Robby looked over. Robby used his broadsword to hit Trenna on the back while they still looked in Antoinette and Aidan’s direction. Trenna turned and hit him hard on the shoulder. Aidan let out a rugged laugh.
    Trenna and a blushing Robby walked over to their friends.
    “So, Aidan. ‘Trenna wouldn’t stand a chance with a sword’? Really?” Robby asked, absently rubbing his arm.
    Now, it was Aidan’s turn to get hit. Trenna, like the speed of light, spun and hit Aidan hard in the nose. Aidan fell backwards onto the ground, clutching his bleeding nose. Trenna, who hadn’t mean to hit his face, but his arm, started to apologize and explain the reason for the blow.
    “No, Trenna. It’s all right. I probably deserved that.” Aidan mumbled, with his hand covering his nose.
    “Well, Sir Aidan. This isn’t the first time you’ve endured a blow to the nose from a girl, now is it?” Antoinette stifled a laugh.
    Aidan grumbled while Trenna and Robby started to laugh with Antoinette.

    “Well, I think we’ve both learned a lesson, today.” Robby said to Aidan as they walked behind Trenna and Antoinette back to King Eliam’s castle. (I know they’re dead, but bear with me here, okay? King Eliam can have a castle in the Sacred Realm, too. He's KING ELIAM!!!)
    Aidan groaned in agreement. He didn’t like the feeling of blood gushing out of his nose.
    As they strolled into the main hall, they saw Bolt and Queen Illaria of Yewland heading towards them. As they drew closer, Illaria broke into a run and rushed to Aidan’s side.
    “What happened?” She asked as she jerked Aidan’s hand away from his face. Bolt started to laugh.
    “What happened, m’lady,” Bolt replied, “Is that someone got Aidan in the nose for something.” He said, winking at Antoinette and Trenna.
    As Queen Illaria muttered something about always having to watch out for Aidan, Aidan scowled at Trenna. Robby bit his lip to keep from laughing, too. He knew that if he did, Aidan would never forgive him.
    Captain Valithor came walking in behind everybody. Antoinette had stopped laughing and were going to say something when he signaled for them to be quiet. They started to laugh hysterically, again.
    “What do you think is so funny?” Robby asked, turning to follow their gaze. When he saw Valithor, he, too, was going to give away that he was there, but he instantly shut his mouth when Valithor motioned for him to be quiet. He pointed at Aidan and did a silent zombie impression. Robby couldn’t hold back his laughter.
    “Come on! Not you, too, Robby. I honestly don’t think this is that funny!” Aidan said, his voice muffled.
    Aidan scowled at all his friends. A hand landed on his shoulder. He turned around to see a tall Captain Valithor, his hands out-stretched and his tongue hanging out like a dead toad. Aidan let out a shrill screech.
    The sight didn’t scare Aidan, more startle him then anything. Aidan leapt up from where he was sitting. Bolt stood, leaning against the wall, snickering, while Illaria slapped him. Antoinette, Robby, and Trenna all kept laughing while Aidan recovered from this scare.
    Captain Valithor was laughing loudest of all.

    Alright, this is the rest of the First Chapter. Please give me any advice that comes to your mind. Thanks!

    ~Lady Gwenne
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