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    Going to Worldcon 2009 in Montreal

    Attending membership is 240$, and the con's HQ is at the Delta Centre-Ville (rooms start at 159$).

    I've been meaning to write a series of posts on Montreal since last fall. As an unofficial ambassador, I want to make sure that everyone who comes to MTL have a blast. As a backpacker and budget traveler, I know how to get the best value for my money, and I want to help people do just that when they visit the city next summer.

    So the first post features accomodations that give you more bang for your buck, euro, pound than the Delta Centre-Ville. Like me, I'm persuaded that many SFF fans would like to go to cons, but the price tag ends up being too damn expensive to be worth their while. Well, I can't do anything about the price of the membership, but you'll see that you can enjoy a fine stay in MTL without breaking the bank!

    For a rundown of some affordable and quality options, click on this link.

    Future posts will feature restaurants, bars and clubs, things to see and do, etc. . .

    Looking forward to meeting you guys in "la belle province" in August!



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    I've been wanting to go to one of these conventions, but $240 plus hotel and travel is not a spit in the bucket.

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    I know...

    Which is why I felt the need to come with a few suggestions regarding accomodations. When you can stay in the city for as little as 23$ a night, it's a bit easier on the wallet!


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    Since I'm a Montrealer, I will definitely be there. $240 is expensive as ****, but I'm sure this will be one of the only opportunities for me to go to a WorldCon in my life, since I definitely don't care enough to go travelling for it. And I would be more than happy to show people around to bars and to point out cool places to visit.

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