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    Is Prince of Nothing really gritty?


    Here's the situation. I am planning to read the following series:

    Prince of Nothing
    Farseer (and others like Liveship, etc)
    Malazan Book of the Fallen
    Song of Ice and Fire

    Why? Because these seem to be the popular names out there and I want to get a feel of what good fantasy should be like, with an epic scope.

    Now, I was wondering if Prince of Nothing is really gritty because while I do enjoy grey characters and a dark world, I am looking for something simply more fun and enjoyable to read. I want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

    So what order should I read the above four titles in? Right now, they are ordered such that best is saved for last. This may not necessarily be true, but just what I perceive from looking around the forums and other places.

    I think saving best for last would be nice but I also don't want to start off with something very gritty so definitely not SoIaF first. I can't say much about Farseer trilogy, haven't read enough info. Right now, Malazan seems to be the most fun and enjoyable series to me, from the reviews and stuff I've read, so I was thinking of starting with that? What do you guys think? And also, is it worth it to read now, or should I wait for more books to come out? Hate waiting, but that applies to waiting to read the series and waiting to read the next novels in the series too.

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    Going best first, which is how I'D read them -
    Why would you save best for last? You could be hit by car next week and never have the chance to read the best at all !!!

    Malazan books of the Fallen
    Bakker's books

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    the books you are planning to read are indeed diamonds in a crown of fantasy but none of them is a particulary light read, i'm sorry. so if you want to read something good, witty and fun try Lies Of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch - which I believe suits the demands you are posing at this moment. And when you will be ready for something more realistic please do read the series you mentioned - they are all a tremendous experience!

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    None of them are "light," but you can definitely enjoy the ride with something that isn't light.
    I found SOIAF very enjoyable despite, or maybe because of, the grit. The Characters were very compelling to me and Martin's stuff is just fun to read for me. Just the whole vibe of his books are enthralling.

    Malazan is fun too, but it takes a LOT of concentration and for me each book hits a point that's overwhelming where you don't really know what's going on. Plus there's a crapload of characters and plotlines and many times a plot thread is left for several hundred pages, and sometimes an entire book. Malazan also has some gut-wrenching scenes, especially in Deadhouse Gates.

    Farseer is great, although I probably 'enjoyed' it less than the first two. It feels kind of light to me in some respects and heavy in others. The protagonist takes a beating through the series, but that's not necessarily a put off.

    Bakkers series is technically brilliant, but I never enjoyed it. If you're looking to "sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride," this is the last series I'd recommend. It's brutal, cynical, nihilistic, and philosophical. If that sounds fun to you, go for it.

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    Right now, Malazan seems to be the most fun and enjoyable series to me, from the reviews and stuff I've read, so I was thinking of starting with that?
    I'd say Malazan is actually the grittiest of the lot. Although having comedic asides they are swamped by desolate descriptions of death marches, mindless cannibalistic hordes, emotionless undead armies, and characters endlessly moaning about their empty existence.

    You need to define what you mean by "fun". Read one of the series and if it doesn't satisfy, modify your definition. If levity is high on your list of priorities, you've created the wrong list.

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    Thanx for replies guys.

    I don't particularly hate gritty, because I realize that some of the best books out there are good because of that gritty element, plus a whole lot of others.

    However, right now I am looking for something light. It is somewhat disappointing to find that none of these great series are light reads.

    To be honest, I really don't know what is implied when a book is called gritty... Lots of violenece? Unnecessary killing? Rape? It's just that I have read so many reviews and comments where 'grit' just puts people off, and I suppose I figured it's the kind of thing I'd want to avoid too. Not to say that the grit element in a story can't be done right. So please tell me, what is it in these books that make them gritty? Perhaps then I can better judge what to read first.

    Also, if not one of these, which series should I pick up? By enjoyable and fun, I mean something like Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn, which I believe is not gritty. I cant think of any others, but I think you know what I mean. An epic fantasy and an exciting adventure, etc.

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