We love to gush about the fantasy flicks we love, but are there any that strike you as a stinker, or just disappointing?

I've got a few!

First I'd probably list the Robin Williams flick What Dreams May Come. The promos looked beautiful with its great special effects and vision of Heaven and Hell, but when I saw the flick, I ended up with a dreary, overwrought soap opera that had too many flashbacks. Big disappointment.

Also, I'd add The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter. The first one was a masterpiece. This sequel is just so-so. And the direct-to-video third one is...ugh.

Then there's Legend. It's not too bad, but it always had a weird vibe to it. Tim Curry was awesome in it, though.

Finally, I'd put Dungeons and Dragons. Most of the effects are very good, but this flick felt like one half Star Wars, one quarter Indiana Jones, and one quarter Lord of the Rings, mixed in not very distinctively.