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    I remember laughing at some parts of the Hobbit cartoon, but I still have nostalgia for it. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was four on Disney Channel, when Disney Channel used to be good and had such classics as Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales, and Return to Oz (Best 80s movie ever other than Princess Bride) Anyways, anyone looking for a fantasy film to go see, I highly recommend Stardust. Even if you have not read the book, you will still highly enjoy it. It was the best movie this summer, it had great humor, classic storyline, and whimsical characters (the onstage antics of Captain Shakespere and the part at the inn with the witch had me spitting out my soda, b/c it was so funny) Awesome movie! My one friend and me saw it again yesterday and now wanna see it for a third time. I am so glad Hollywood got one thing right! I was watching the previews and I nearly passed out watching the Beowulf trailer, it looks awesome and I can not wait to see it. It is being done in 3d animation as Final Fantasy Advent Children is. Also, The Dark is Rising, looks okay, but why do they have to modernize it, sorry, but the movie is started to smell like A Wrinkle in Time, with its over modernization of things. I still have hope though! Anyways, Go see Stardust, if you are looking for a good fantasy film to see. Oh... and Pais Chaos, there is a unicorn in the movie!
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    I recently saw the trailer for 'The Dark is Rising'.

    Arrrgh. The original Susan Cooper novels were riddled with dark threads of horror and brilliantly evoked a kind of wickerman-for-children ambience.

    The movie adaption looks twee, badly-acted and americanized (only something I object to when it's done this badly, and when one of the strengths of the source material is its quintessential englishness).

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