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    Jack Whyte... your thoughts.

    I have considered starting to pick up some of Whyte's novels since I see them all the time, and have always noticed them in book stores for 20+ years but have never bothered testing them out for some reason. I guess I always thought I wouldn't be into it Arthurian legend historical type stuff for some reason and chose to always just stick to straight up fantasy, which the exception of Guy Gavrial Kay.

    Any thoughts and opinions on his novels? Try and avoid spoiling anything, as I'm pretty sure I will be collecting his novels in the very near future.

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    A brief skim of Goodreads reviews seems to indicate his Camulod series is well written, but slow paced, and leans more to the historical than the fantastic despite the subject matter. It also apparently begins long before Arthur with the Roman withdrawl from England. Hmmm, I wonder if they are available on audiobook...

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    I know I could have checked out goodreads, but I was curious what the thoughts of members here would be.

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