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    My Entry

    My entry is taken from the first post of my fictional scifi blog:
    Alex Chou's Log for: 12/01/2351 20:00

    Captain Harris is an idiot.

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    I like Holbrook's line about Linda best.

    Here's mine:

    With his gun empty and his Fuehrer full of holes, he approached the camera, his arms extended and said, “Now let us talk of peace.”

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    Here's a couple I just wrote.

    Cocking his pistol, the hooded man said, “If I don't see you again, adieu. If I do, then we have something to talk about.”

    There is little visual difference between someone orgasming and someone being exorcised. After last night, though, Father Robert barely knew that difference.

    “Between their world and ours, the difference is merely aesthetic” Dr Bowle said, “As well as the fact they can control minds.”

    The apocalypse came on a Tuesday. Turns out the Christians were right, except about the fate of the faithful.

    'Father, I'm gay.' is often the prelude to a homicide. But until now, it was unprecedented amongst the Elves.

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    I awoke with a groan and a pounding head. The alien was still squatting in his cell, watching me.

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    It was only when Hobbit put the chocolate-chip Hobnob in his mouth that he realised they weren't chocolate-chips at all...

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    Whatever congress passed the measure, my life is exempt from the law of large numbers.

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    The master kicked Enos as an evil man might kick a mongrel dog. Blood and dust from the street mixed to form a paste on his body.

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    Very interesting! Lets see about these...

    In regards to the events leading up to what is now being called the Apocalypse, I have but one comment. I have arrived.
    They say dead men tell no tales. But us vampires, skeletons, zombies, and various other undead ne’er-do-wells can tell quite the tale in a pinch.

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    There is something to be said for being a voyeur. You learn things. Especially when planning on murder.

    If only I'd brought my scissors I could have saved the entire human race from annihilation. But I didn't. Shoot.

    "Does your villainy know no bounds? You just ruined my life and you stand there and smirk. Pass the darned kleenex already!"
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    What do you mean "your not human?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnstorm View Post
    A winner. No joke. So are Hereford Eye's and Getheli's.
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    The gravelly wind was as delightful as ever in the mornings when he fed his pony the peppers and squirrels.

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    Here's a couple I've come up with.
    ************************************************** ************************

    As long as I live he'll haunt me, taunt me, then destroy me. There's only one escape for me ... for both of us.

    For the first time she looked at her bed. She saw herself. A semblance of herself. Nightie drawn over her hips. Bed clothes in disarray.......

    To jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter.

    Robert Beck was tired of being intimidated and humiliated by Mr. Walsh, his boss, so one Friday Robert shot him.
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    I'll have a go!!!!

    "I don't care what love is," said the nymph almost uncertainly.
    "But don't you want to know?" replied Shade, and his fingers brushed her cheek.


    "Era, oh my gosh, no..." he sobbed into her body as she lay cold as ice on the floor.


    The hill collapsed, and the rider screamed in terror as her mount slid over the cliff. The last thing he saw were her sorrowful eyes.


    "I....I want to stay," she whispered.
    He turned to face her in a sudden, fierce, hope. "Really?" he breathed.
    She hesitated in the doorway.


    She laughed; it was the most joyous thing he had heard in all his years. If only it had been that way before the accident.....


    The horse reared and galloped towards the enemy, his black mane rippling like the depths of a cold, dark sea, and all was well.


    Well, did you like? I hope.....some of these I might use in my books, but whatever. Hope you enjoy.....

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    My turn :D

    Here's a few I came up with while reading the thread:

    It's always the same problem. I really don't know how I manage it. So many women - so few bullets.

    "Yeah," she replied, her eyes flashing with mischief.

    "OK, hang on." He flicked the switch. She screamed.
    And then a few from my own stories:

    She was executed at dawn - “hanged from the neck until dead,” just as the judge had ordered - but that was just the start of their troubles.
    Forty men left the briefing room but only thirty-one made it to the rendezvous point after gunfire took out one of the helicopters.

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