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    Help Find Author/Title - Wizard, Staff, Bird Familiar

    I'm trying to remember the name of a series of books I read about 5-6 years ago. I don't remember the names or author unfortunately, and am hoping someone can help me out.

    There were a series, at least 3 (or more). They were fantasy. It involved wizards or mages who had bird familiars. The strongest of the familiars were owls I believe, but could be any bird such as a falcon or hawk.

    Each mage also carried a staff with a crystal in the top that had a unique color that matched the particular wizard/mage.

    The bird familiar in combination with the staff with the crystal allowed the mage to focus and enhance their power. Without the crystal or bird familiar they became weak and depressed.

    Does anyone have any idea of what the author or book name was? I've searched everywhere I can think of and can't find anything.

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    David B. Coe's Lon Tobyn Chronicles? First book is Children of Amarid.

    I haven't read them so I don't know about the crystal staffs thing, but they do feature wizards with bird familiars.

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    Moved thread to the right forum - otherwise I am not able to help. Sorry.

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    That's it! Thanks! Been wracking my brain on that for months. Much appreciated!

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