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    A daunting task to find an apapocalyptic short story

    I would like a bit of help in identifying a story I that read about two years ago, it was a free online short story.

    The premise was: Some friends decide to pull a prank on a paranoid friend, by making him believe that there had been a nuclear attack, the friend starts acting strange and living like it is the end of the world by making fortifications on his roof, welding armor onto his car and killing peoples pets in the park for food.

    I found the story quite amusing and I wanted to use it in a middle school lesson plan to help spark student's interest a technology class. It would give me a quick and humorous way to introduce the students to concepts such as alternate futures, technology dependency, and technology based disasters. It would open up the subject for a wide range of discussion and it also gives some of the students in the class a taste of reading material that may interest them more than what is currently offered in literature classes.

    But its hard to read the story if I cant find it, and I have searched for near 5 hours to no avail. Any help in finding this story is appreciated, any bit of information; author, title, or link would be a huge help. Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by redcrow309 View Post
    I would like a bit of help in identifying a story I that read about two years ago, it was a free online short story.
    Dear Redcrow - I'm sorry I don't know that one, but I think you have a good idea there (alternate reading assignments to stimulate students minds)

    Have you tried this site? It gives age level ratings. (Some sci-fi is rather unsavory)

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    Can you remember any more details? A phrase?

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    Is an apapocalyptic story one where no one cares that it's the end of the world?

    I use Antipodean SF's achived stories for the same purpose. They are 500 words long and that gives you the ability to read them to the class quickly as an introduction to discussion. Plus, I can contact the authors and ask them about their motivation. For instance, Natalie Potts wrote a story after the first arm transplant patient asked for his arm to be removed. He was a NZr and the UK hospital gave him a hairy white arm and it freaked him watching it hug his kids. In Nat's story she gave the arm transplantee a violent hairy wrestler arm... and let things unfold from there.

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    from what I can remember the story goes as such

    Three or so friends have a friend that is intensely paranoid, so in order to pull a prank on him they tape a fake broadcast about the end of the world, and wire it so that it will play on his alarm clock in the morning. Then they move some bright lights in front of his window and when he looks out they flash him so he thinks there has been a nuclear holocaust. The friend is so paranoid that he actually thinks that it is the end of the world even though there life is still going on normally, he quits his job and starts living like it is the end of the world ie. hunting for food, armoring his car. the story was humorous, and I think middle school age children would find it interesting, it was a short story and I don't believe that it had been published anywhere but the internet.

    thanks for any help you can give me

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