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    Michael Moorcock

    Ive been trolling my local libraries and book stores looking for books and series i havent read and Michael Moorcocks book keep catching my eye but haven't bothered to actually buy or borrow one of his books instead buying Lynch and Rothfuss who have only just made it to australian shelves (grrr).

    what i was wondering tho was what people here think of him. whether he is worth picking up? especially the Elric Of Melniboné series

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    Well first off, Lynch and Rothfuss have been here for awhile so mb you should change bookshops/states

    As for Elric, I prefer the Corum books over his. Elric just didn't do much for me. Granted I read the Corum books back when I was about 11 or 12 so my opinion if I was to read them now might be different.

    I'd say worth picking up

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    Searching the word 'Moorcock' brings up 13 threads where your question is answered.

    Try THIS ONE
    or THIS ONE
    or THIS ONE.

    The word 'Elric' shows 214. Here are a couple that answer your question:

    Elric.... aaaargh!!
    Elric Saga
    Michael Moorcock's Elric Saga

    The Search button is your friend.

    Mark / Hobbit

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