Howdy folks! Dropping by to introduce myself. I'm a professional artist working mostly digital in the film/tv industry with the odd sf oil painting to keep me sane!

I have painted matte paintings for The Fifth Element, Farscape the tv series, s1, among other projects. Currently painting concept art for The Wolverine film.

Big reader of French sf graphic novels, currently reading Caliban's War, just finished the Maze Runner trilogy (of which I will be painting concepts for the upcoming MR film!).

Favorite sf novels recently by Marianne de Pierres, Sentients of Orion series.

Favorite all time sf novel.. The Zero Stone by Andre Norton for purely sentimental reasons, it was my first sf novel!

Favorite sf artists: John Harris, Jim Burns, Chris Foss, Tim White, Peter Elson, Moebius, John Berkey..

Anyway, that's me. Have a great day folks!