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Thread: The Judging Eye

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Lamontagne View Post
    what happened to Bakker's website ( and am i right in saying that this comes out in the US the day after tomorrow? where the hell is the buzz on this? LET'S HEAR SOME CHATTER PEOPLE
    Man... I didn't even know this was out , Thank god I decided to pick up a copy of watchman as a gift instead of ordering it online yeasterday. I felt extatic and yet, still a little pissed at not knowing it had come out. But what the heck, all's well that end's well

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    he just deserves much more hype and publicity. he needs to be known!!!

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    Skip the first paragraph if you don't care about the mundane details of my life. It's cool.

    Lately I've been falling behind on my reading. I've been hung up on a book or two that totally deserve to be read but just aren't as good as some of the games I have on my DS, whatever. Not something I'm proud of but it is what it is. So basically I didn't order this book as soon as I could have, it was sort of out of sight out of mind. I first saw it in a store last weekend and although I prefer to get books from the local store in New Liskeard, by ordering if they don't have them on the shelf, the sight of The Judging Eye on a bookshelf a mere 26$ from my possession completely undid me. That was on Saturday, I finished the book last night, tearing into it with wild abandon whenever the demands of truck driving would allow.

    For the fourth time in a row Scott Bakker has exceeded my high expectations. Now that Earwa has been established as a place of sophisticated societies, brutal wars and enigmatic agencies you can really start to feel like you have some footing in this narrative. All that is very fleeting from early on though as now everything is starting to palpably grind towards Apocalypse. This book grabbed hold to the core of me so viciously I had trouble sleeping the first night after I started it.

    Everything in this story is so unpredictable too. It seems almost certain that Kellhus will either become the No-God or awaken him somehow, but now with the Kelmomas story I can't even be sure of that. My advice if you haven't read this yet is leave behind any preconcieved notions at page 1, cuz they will be murdered by children, mourned by ****-herding Horse Kings and their remains trampled by Bashrags.

    The Cil-Aujas part of the story was in turns intriguing, terrifying, inspiring and finally horrifying. Horrifying on a level I've never felt before from a book. If you still haven't read this book you're doing yourself a disservice.

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