Okay, I get you're not sold on what television has to offer. That's sort of what brings us all here, isn't it? We're our own little pitty party. Okay, writing sucks. It's hard and it takes time and people don't understand mine and they are definitely not buying it in the numbers I want them to. Marketing what I've written is even harder and those damned agents are worse than the damned publishers. And then there are editors; oh, goddess, why are there editors? And there are sucky marketing departments and lousy book tours and, oh, the pain!
That's what you get from me and Gary and all the other would be writers posting here and there and we all sagely nod our heads whispering the mantra "Ain't it so?!" But, beacuse it's us and it's on the internet it's okay; it's kind of special, and maybe sort of cute, and, anyway, it's so much fun!

The second martini is better than the first.