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    Right now I'm reading The Influence by Ramsey Campbell. It's a good, fun read, nothing really spectacular or mind-blowing. While Campbell is certainly by no means a bad author, I wonder why he's been dubbed "The Grand Master of Horror". Granted, I haven't read that many Campbell works, in fact the only other one I've read is "Ancient Images", which I thought was very good, but the ending was just terrible and supremely dissapointing. Maybe I haven't read him enough to be right on this sort of opinion, but I don't see his work as being as great as, say, Lovecraft, King, Herbert, or Simmons. And speaking of King, how's your reading of Duma Key going, AuntiePam? I've heard some pretty good reviews of the book.
    I'm also currently reading The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.
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    My experience with Ramsey Campbell is that he's an author who leans very heavily on repetitive "atmospheric" details and the self-destructive psychology of his protagonists. I finally decided he just didn't do it for me. I prefer horror novels in which something definite happens and in which something actual--preferably supernatural--causes it to happen.

    Atmosphere is great, literary is great, but I read horror fiction for reasons that transcend both.

    I can't remember reading any of his short stories. They may be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zsinj View Post
    And speaking of King, how's your reading of Duma Key going, AuntiePam? I've heard some pretty good reviews of the book.
    Just saw this -- sorry to be so late with a response.

    I liked the writing. King didn't do any of the things that have annoyed me in some of his other books. There was no whining, no long internal monologues about writer's block, and no made-up cutesy words. The story flowed nicely and there were some nicely creepy parts, like the clattering seashells under his house.

    It didn't hit me until later (after I read some Amazon reader comments) that there were problems with the plot -- some things just didn't make sense. But if those things hadn't happened, there wouldn't have been a story.

    I'd recommend it though. The writing was like the "old" King that I love.

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    I'm just finishing up Duma Key and I agree: it's a well-done book with the old King back in charge and his often-irritating writer's ticks under control. He writes too long and repeats himself too much, but I guess that won't ever change; it just wouldn't be King. He really cherishes his characters. They have soul and so does he.

    Plot gaffes? Maybe. I'll think about that when I've finished. Or maybe not. Sounds too much like work.

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