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    The Demon Child trilogy by Jennifer Fallon.

    I wouldn't even use the pages in those books for toilet paper

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    Myrren's Gift by Fiona McIntosh. It was utterly dreadful.

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    Feists new tome, Wrath of a mad god

    everything about it, the characterization, the plotting, the pace and most of all the ending....

    Feist was one of my favourate authors, but this is the worst in a series that had been going further and further down hill. I hope this is the bottom and the new Midkemia series and rescue him in my eyes

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    Warrior Prophet. Damn I hated that book by halfway through.

    Seven Deadly Wonders - Matthew Reilly....this man can't write.

    The Gunslinger - Stephen King......I couldn't handle the dialogue, it's just so bad.

    Dawnthief - James Barclay - Couldn't stand it.

    Oh, and I nearly forgot. Vellum. God damn I hated Vellum!

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    Bitterwood by James Maxey. The world completely failed to interest me, the characterisation was poor, the prose was workman-like and some of the dialogue was painfully juvenile.

    Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd. The prose was alright, but the world was a bit of a mish-mash of various fantasy tropes that seemed to have been taken from a number of sources and cobbled together without much success (Elven wastes, anyone?). Characterisation was not particularly good either.

    The One Kingdom by Sean Russell. Boring sub-Tolkien pap with one of the worst openings I've ever seen in a novel.

    Soul of The Fire by Terry Goodkind. I made it about fifteen pages in and then just thought "Why am I reading this?"

    Set the Seas on Fire by Chris Roberson. I actually managed to finish this, so it doesn't really count, but then again that was only because it was a relatively short novel. Had it been any longer it would have been dumped. Roberson's prose is good, but frustratingly he's churned out a thoroughly dull story with paper-thin characters. For a novel that was billed as 'Horatio Hornblower meets H. P. Lovecraft' (a ridiculous comparison, it doesn't come close to either) the lack of tension and atmosphere is almost criminal.

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    I don't tend to not finish many books, but so far...

    The Path of Daggers - Robert Jordan

    I was so disappoined that what started off great was stretched out so much I just gave up - 8 thick books and no end in sight, not even small victories from what I remember of the last few books. I struggled through book 7 and Book 8 totally did me in.

    The Dark Tower - Stephen King

    Got to the last book - made it halfway through then lost the will to read it. Maybe it's becasue his endings have been disappointing at times. Maybe it's because I didn't find it an easy read. I hated the Gunslinger, but it was a short book and because this was King's Opus I felt I had to read it. The books did get better and I will finish it.. maybe

    Return of the King - Tolkein

    I recognise the importance of Lord of The Rings and love the story overall. I was also very young when I read them, mustn't have been past 13. I loved Fellowship, but by the end of Two Towers I was struggling, the last book just finished me off. I do keep meaning to re-read them, now I am older, to see if I appreciate it more but to me it felt like reading a history text book towards the end.. a very large one. Actually I do think I tried a re-read at about 18 and got tohalfway through book 2. The only books ever where I prefer the movies.

    Lisey's Story - Stephen King

    I read about a third of this and then got bored, which is unusual for me with King, he can frustrate the hell out of me, but I ususally like the story enough to finish it.

    I've never wanted to burn a book though.. not yet
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    I stop reading books quite often because I find them boring, irritating, and/or predictable without any redeeming points, but it's rare for me to actively hate them. Mostly the ones I don't like don't warrant any further thought; they get put down and that's the end of it.

    The one great and glaring exception to this rule is -- dun dun dun, you guessed it! -- Terry Goodkind, whose work I loathe so thoroughly that it's become a Friend Test. I only ever read the first one, and it'll be the last.

    (That said, I love the websites that excerpt the howlers from his later works. The killer chicken was fantastic. I'm still waiting for Snopes to pop up and tell me it's a fake, because that can't possibly actually be in a book.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mithfânion View Post
    Seeing the choices some people list just hurts my brain. Some thoroughly excellent , nearly flawless books being thrashed here. I should stop reading these sort of threads.
    I don't try to understand peoples taste in anything. It only leads to fluid leaking out of my ears.

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    The Lord of the rings - Tolkein (I think)

    Got bored at the third word !! I hate not finishing a book but I read thefirs 3 words put it down and did my homework. Stared at it for 1 month then I put it back in the library!!

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    I couldn't get far in Gardens of the Moon, it made me just not care at all about the characters or what was going on...I really wanted to like it though.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot a couple.

    I never finished The Eye Of Heaven. I was bored to tears by that.

    Nor did I finish The Naming by Allison Croggon. I liked the characters and the world well enough, but the writing was just really sloppy to me. There was nothing propelling me forward.....that's what it was.

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    I have read the entire Sword of Truth and Wheel of Time series, as well as Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Lord of the Rings, but somehow I just can't finish Robin Hobb's Soldier Son trilogy. Shaman's Crossing was one of the most boring books I've ever read, probably because it's written more like a very very large journal than a novel. Theres just so little of interest going on in the story, I was relieved to finally turn the last page. Maybe one day I'll come back to it, since I already have the other 2, but not for a while. I didn't hate it, but I didn't really like it either.

    Now books I did dislike right off the bat; Eragon and Da Vinci Code. They're just... so... bad.

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    I notice a lot of people mentioning The DaVinci Code. I never read it but watched the movie. Controversy makes me have to see stuff. If you think the DaVinci Code is bad, then I'd really like to read the ton of knockoffs. The book pretty much created it's own genre, but the books in that genre always involve the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

    Books I had to put down. The Wayfarer's Redemption (Battleaxe outside of America I believe) by Sara Douglas. The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams.

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    I try to be reasonably generous and give all books I read around 100 pages. If, by that point, I realize that I don't care a bit for the characters, or the plot, or have any motivation to keep on reading, then I will put it down. I usually have a lot of books waiting to be read, and find trying to force myself to soldier through something I'm really not enjoying at all tedious and prone to cause me a great amount of depression.

    I read a lot, and not everything I read has been worth sticking through to the end. Most of that which I set aside is easily forgotten and once I've decided to quit, I'll generally have forgotten the book even existed once I've moved onto something else.

    There are a few exceptions, of course (gladly not *too* many) of those books who's authors aught to be ashamed of themselves, and upon giving up on them in utter disgust, tend to leave me wondering how on earth any publisher would ever believe they were worth the paper they're printed on.

    These books are:

    # Ilse Witch (The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara) - Terry Brooks
    # The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time) - Robert Jordan
    # The Book of the New Sun: Shadow and Claw Vol 1
    # The Demon Awakens - by R.A Salvatore
    # The Lion of Senet (The Second Sons Trilogy)
    # Dragonflight (Anne McCaffrey)
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    The Redemption of Althalus by David Eddings
    What a thoroughly bad book. I can't think of anything positive about it.

    Perdido Street Station by China Miéville
    I don't know. Perhaps I was expecting something different, or perhaps I just need to give it another try. I think I only made it past the first 30-50 pages.

    Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson
    I loved it the first time I read it, but the second time through I just found it incredibly boring most of the time. I put it down 3/4 through a couple of months ago, and I seriously don't think I'll get around to picking it up anytime soon.

    The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan
    I think it was this book that finally made me stop reading WoT. I just couldn't stand the amazingly annoying characters, and the awful way Jordan was presenting women and character interaction.

    Those are the most recent and most memorable ones for me. There have been others in the past, but I can't remember those. I have also lately been reading bits of three different books, but those I fully intend to finish, though it may take some time.

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