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    Authors who never miss for you

    For me Dan Simmons without a doubt.

    I like everything he ever wrote.

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    So far for me: Vinge & Scalzi but then I have teh habit of not readind too many books by the same authers. Not by intent but by chance.

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    Cranky old broad AuntiePam's Avatar
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    I've read and enjoyed at least five books by these authors --

    George R. R. Martin
    Pat Barker (WWI and British working class novels)
    Owen Parry (Civil War mystery series)
    Don Robertson (Civil War and present day novels)
    Larry Watson (sorta southern gothic)
    Ron Hansen (two great westerns and some gen fic)
    Charles Dickinson (one kick-ass time travel story and some gen fic)
    David L. Martin (with the exception of Facing Rushmore)
    Stephen King
    Joe Lansdale (especially the Hap and Leonard books)
    Margaret Laurence (the Manawaka novels)
    Steven Erikson
    Dan Simmons (but I couldn't finish A Winter Haunting)
    Larry McMurtry (although I thought the Berrybender series was a bit too silly)
    Peter Straub (except for Mr. X -- still haven't gotten through that one)

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    My experience of Philip K. Dick and Haruki Murakami has been pretty stainless so far.

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    Anna Quindlen

    Camilla Gibb

    Barbara Kingsolver

    Jim Crace

    Ben Okri

    Fantasy Stuff:

    Sarah Zettel

    Robin Hobb

    Patricia McKillip

    Tanith Lee

    that's all I can think of right now...

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    J.R.R. Tolkien
    George R. R. Martin
    Robin Hobb
    Steven Erikson

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    Orson Scott Card... I've never read a book by him that I didn't enjoy immensely.

    Same for Ben Bova and Iain M. Banks

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    for me :

    Alex Kava ( i love the Maggie O'Dell character)
    Stephenie Meyer
    Kelley Armstrong
    John Marsden
    Isobelle Carmody
    Alison Croggon
    James Patterson (maximum ride books)
    Michael Pryor

    all the books that i have read from these athours are excellent

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    Tim Powers and James Blaylock are always good for me.

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    Blog Entries
    I love reading books by:

    Stephanie Meyer
    Alison Croggon
    Jk Rowling
    Kenvin Crossley-Holland
    Celia Rees

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    John Sandford. I love his Prey novels, and there has only been one that I would prefer never to read again.


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    Joseph Conrad
    Ernest Hemingway
    Slyvia Plath
    T.S. Eliot
    R. Scott Bakker
    Robin Hobb

    There are others but I can't think right now.

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    Stephen King
    Dan Simmons
    Peter Straub
    Robert Jordan
    Brian Keene
    Ray Bradbury
    H.P. Lovecraft
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    Carl Alves
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    Not many for me, but I would go with Graham Masterton and Robert McCammon.
    Carl Alves

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    In regard to the O.P. I think every author has bad stories or books so I don't believe anyone is a "Never Miss" some are close. Best I can say is that certain authors I will buy there books with very little to recommend them other than reputation.

    Ted Chiang
    Ray Bradbury
    Nancy Kress
    Ursula K. Leguin
    T.C. Boyle
    John Irving
    Margaret Atwood
    Bill Bryson
    E. L. Doctorow
    Mary Roach
    Carl Zimmer
    Cormac McCarthy

    and many who are not longer producing new books as they are no longer with us.

    And then there are those I've tried multiple times and will not buy unless they get extraordinary recommendations.

    And there are many in the middle of this shifting spectrum of literature.
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