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    It never entered my mind algernoninc's Avatar
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    long [and incomplete list]:

    Terry Pratchett
    Joseph Conrad
    Ernest Hemingway
    Marguerite Duras
    Guy Gavriel Kay
    Nevil Shute
    Dick Francis
    George R R Martin
    Lois McMaster Bujold
    Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    Michael Ondaatje
    Iain M Banks
    Raymond Chandler
    William Boyd
    Isabel Allende
    Gabriel Garcia Marques

    I will probably add Peter S Beagle, after I read more of his work
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    Ha ha Xvarts here!
    My boss reads those Prey novels all the time.

    William Burroughs & Philip K Dick (except that one co-authored with Zelaney-yeesh!)
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    Authors who never miss? Never, ever?

    I could list my top twenty all time favourites here, apart from the fact that when I really, really think about it, there is always that one book that I felt could have been better, or the one I wish I'd never picked up.

    So, having scanned my shelves, I can really only come up with Clarke and Asimov as being faultless (based on what I have, which is not quite everything).


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    Stephen King
    Dan Simmons
    Peter Straub
    Robert Jordan
    Brian Keene
    Ray Bradbury
    H.P. Lovecraft
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    Cool concept. I personally have to rule out authors with insufficient sample size (e.g. Rothfuss with only two works).

    J.R.R. Tolkien
    Tad Williams
    Stephen R. Donaldson
    Elizabeth Moon
    Carol Berg [newly minted - currently enjoying a feverish Berg-mania]
    Joe Abercrombie
    R. Scott Bakker

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    Hmm. I will throw my hat into the ring:

    Brandon Sanderson (original works)
    Tim Marquitz
    Paul Kearney
    Joe Abercrombie
    Chris Wooding

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    The Fifth Dominion Westsiyeed's Avatar
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    Never miss is a big call, but there are a few for me:

    Clive Barker
    Jeff Vandermeer
    China Mieville
    Daniel Silva
    James Clavell
    Jeffrey Ford
    Alastair Reynolds (still a few more of his to read)...

    + I've only read two of his books (with plans for more) - Chris Wooding.

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    Not really never miss but authors I would read as soon as they publish something new:

    Zelazny (first and foremost)
    Saberhagen fantasy
    Robert Parker (mystery)
    (the above all RIP so there will be no more)

    Dave Duncan (I like most of his stuff)
    Ruth Rendell (as soon as a new Wexford book comes out I read it but do not read any of her standalone)
    PC Hodgell (not hard to keep up with her output)
    Bujold (mostly)

    There are probably a couple others I am not thinking of.
    There are many books I like a lot but do not automatically read everything the author writes (E.G. GRR Martin).

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    Carl Alves
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    Not many for me, but I would go with Graham Masterton and Robert McCammon.
    Carl Alves

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    ze Spaniard! A.T. Parkinson's Avatar
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    Authors who never missed?

    Number one on my list would have to be David Gemmell, I loved all 30 of his books, still missing his Ross Harding one.
    Close second Joe Abercrombie, an awe inspiring author!
    Also Brent Weeks and Peter V. Brett. Douglas Hulick looks like a promising candidate aswell.

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    In regard to the O.P. I think every author has bad stories or books so I don't believe anyone is a "Never Miss" some are close. Best I can say is that certain authors I will buy there books with very little to recommend them other than reputation.

    Ted Chiang
    Ray Bradbury
    Nancy Kress
    Ursula K. Leguin
    T.C. Boyle
    John Irving
    Margaret Atwood
    Bill Bryson
    E. L. Doctorow
    Mary Roach
    Carl Zimmer
    Cormac McCarthy

    and many who are not longer producing new books as they are no longer with us.

    And then there are those I've tried multiple times and will not buy unless they get extraordinary recommendations.

    And there are many in the middle of this shifting spectrum of literature.
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    I've never read anything by Dan Simmons, Donaldson, or Abercrombie. I think I'm going to start with Simmons because of Bob Gray's recommendations on another thread, but of the other two, what are some of everyone's favorites??

    For me I can only say Steven King. I want to say Clive Barker, but I didn't like Sacrament at all, and I didn't really like Galillee either. Everything else (I think I have read them all) I really loved so I guess that still counts? I have liked everything I've read by Anne Rice, too. Also R.A. Salvatore (especially The Dark Elf stuff).

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    Man of Ways and Means kennychaffin's Avatar
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    I loved Donaldson's Thomas Covenant Chronicles. Many do not though.

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    Given that Never is such an uncompromising word. Let's just say those I would read based purely on the authors name.

    Vernor Vinge
    David Feintuch
    David Weber
    China Mieville
    Ian McDonald
    Elizabeth Moon
    Neil Gaiman
    David Gemmell
    Laurell K Hamilton
    CJ Cherryh
    Jack Campbell
    Lois McMaster Bujold

    Michael Connelly
    Lee Child
    Alexander Fullerton
    Sarah Paretsky
    Simon Winchester
    Scott Turow


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