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    The One With Insidious Seeds

    But that requires them visiting the Dead Cities. If we can plant the Stover seed here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shevchyk
    But that requires them visiting the Dead Cities. If we can plant the Stover seed here...
    Eh. I'd rather take them on at Dead Cities anyway.

    That way I can swear creatively.

    --gabe chouinard

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    The One With Boggles


    But here you can use a ruler to smash their knuckles.

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    the mind... it boggles

    --gabe chouinard

    (*for relevance to thread: )

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    Yes. And discussions become fun when you guys are around.

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    The One With The Crazy Suggestion

    We should get Matt posting here. If he isn't already.

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    What the? how come no one has answered my questions?

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    'I'm not sure about his other works though...' was a question?

    his starwars books are great as well.. don't know about his other fantasy books tho as they're imposible to find in Denmark and/or most of the world (I fear). I'll try my luck in London in a few weeks tho

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    Actually, here's what I asked. I should have kept reading as some of them were answered. I've got 150 pages left. WICKED SICK!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Quagmire


    Did Hari get power in his legs back? I could have sworn I read that he was walking around at some parts on Earth? And how he saved Tan'Elkoth.

    How did Delien know that Rossi was an actor?

    Is Kollberg possessed? That is one evil dude!

    I can't remember if Avery was in Heroes Die at all. Was she? And did she do anything significantly?


    Thanks guys!

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    Ugh, I've forgotten all those names and I lent this guy my copy of HD and haven't seen him in like 5 months, guess I'll have to buy another one and catch up. But I do remember the Kollberg thing, he's not possessed persay, but....I guess you could say the Blind God's part of him is more strong than is usual, hence the cannibalism.....

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    Caine Black Knife Available Now

    Caine Black Knife is AMAZING! It won't be in stores until 10/14/08 but I got a copy (that I'm saving). You find out the truth of what really happened when Caine fought the Black Knives! I already have a copy but I saw it available here:
    Last edited by Rob B; August 5th, 2008 at 04:00 PM. Reason: SFFWorld is not a reseller for eBay

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    Thanks, Rob. I was gonna ask you to do that.

    An ARC bought as a collector's item is one thing; an ARC bought as a discount substitute for the actual book costs me money.

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    Sorry Mr. Stover Iím new to the forum and didnít know the rule about posting live links. I thought someone in this forum reading the Matthew Stover thread would be interested in an ARC copy of your book as a collector's item which is why I posted the ebay link. I know ARCís are generally sent to critics, book buyers etc. (they donít have the same value as limited/first editions/signed copies). I still paid a lot for my Caine Black Knife and would not part with it. When I saw a person selling one on-line I thought someone here would like it for their collection . I have enjoyed all your books (Barra & Co., Star Wars) and I think Act of Atonement is Caineís best. I think you are a wonderful writer.

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    Now, that kind of post you can slather all over the net.


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    No problem Matt, glad to see things back on keel here. CBK is taunting me from the shelf as I re-read through Blade of Tyshalle.

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