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    Wheel of time Question

    Hi I am in the middle of reading the wheel of time series and it's ok (just finished book 4). But I was unable to get the first book and had to start from the second. The annoying thing about it even in book 4 it still constantly refers to events in the first book (not to the second or third at all) does this continue on through the entire series?

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    Not really, but I just finished rereading them myself and I cant think of where it refers back to the first book in the fourth? After the fourth it just keeps growing. If it is your first time reading them though you really should read eye of the world. There are a lot of hidden things in all the rj books and Eye of the World has several. One for example is in the first meeting with Thom he states that he will tell stories of the dragon and his attempt to free the dark one into the world of men. I think that one part alone is one of the most hidden clues in the book. Get Eye of the world and read it

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    unfortunately me local library doesn't have it (has all the others thou), and local book store doesn't either, and can't afford the online stores at the moment. Is there synopsis of these clues somewhere that you know of.

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    If you are going to read the series you might as well start at the beginning. Go find the first book, hell, have your local bookstore order it for you. Sure you could get through the story without it but really, whats the point if you aren't going to read the whole thing.

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    You should check! There's summary of every book chapter by chapter!

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    Also check your used book stores they might have it cheap, either in pb or hc,

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    There are hard to find books, but the Eye of the World isn't one of them. If you don't ask the librarian or bookstore employee about it, and why it is missing, they can't help you. Specifically, check with your librarian about interlibrary loan. Libraries in the US and UK are a part of a network of libraries that share their books within county lines. If your library is missing it, a library a town or two over may have it.

    Also, ask around friends and family. Millions of people have read and love this series, and many have kept it as part of their collection.
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    Well if you can't afford it here it is: *link deleted*
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    I deleted your link. Eye of the World is still protected by copyright so links to free downloads are a no-no. Please keep that in mind.


    you might also get a good synopsis in the wikipedia...

    Oh, and I am moving this thread to the Jordan forum.

    Have fun,

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