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    Yet another old story/book

    Trying to remember a book from about ~20 yrs ago. Basically takes place on earth about 10,000 yrs ago with an alien "surveyor" coming to earth who can inhabit peoples bodies and decides to just stay and become a king of sorts. When the alien doesn't return another one comes to find him and they battle etc but the 2nd alien can't dislodge the 1st one. So he comes up with a plan to start a religion.. with a god called Aten to build a power base and the rest is history.

    I remember the book also had a snipet of a forthcoming book about an alien world with a museum of sorts and somehow pulls a fighter from the past thru a portal to the present.

    For some reason Mercedes Lackey comes to mind but a search didn't reveal she did anything of the sort.

    Thank you.

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    sounds a little like the original stargate film? are you sure it was a book.

    A group discover a portal and with the help of a proffesor they open it to find and egypt like desert world ruled by the alien/god king called Ra. with the help of the natives they fight the evil Ra and destroy him.

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    Perhaps Piers Anthony's Pretender?

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    FremenWarrior, thx for the timely BUMP. =)

    Congrats Bill Ward. That indeed is the book.

    Almost 30 yrs ago...LOL. I'm getting old!

    Maybe it was the 1993 paperback reprint.

    Thanks so much for you help.
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    Steppe - The other one I was thinking of...

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    Glad I could help, Battle. Those old Anthonys like Pretender and Steppe are a lot of fun, he came up with some great stuff early in his career.

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