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Thread: The Masters

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    The Masters

    When they came, there was nothing we could do. Their weapons were deadly and their forces unstoppable. Entire cities were reduced to ash, nations crumbled and governments collapsed as world wide panic created anarchy. The superpowers (U.S.A., Iran, Japan, and England) put up a pathetic defense against the far superior technology of the Masters, and they were eventually beat. Hundreds of millions of people died, their bodies still lying on the barren wasteland that was once a habitable Earth. Now it was a toxic death trap to any unprotected living being on the surface. The Master's are ten feet tall and extremely strong. The people left numbered about two billion. now all we are is slaves to the will of the Masters. Whips crack and skin tears as the orders are carried out. Many have contagious infections caused by unknown bacteria. We were never given any medical help, alien diseases killed many on the long cold journey through space to the homeworld of the Masters. The planet was hot and dry, unimaginable horrors went on in the caves that led to beneath the surface. Blood curdling screams could be heard, they lasted a couple of minutes, maybe, then silence. I went down into the caves one time to bring something the Masters had use for, and what I saw made my blood run cold. They eat us. Rows of hanging human corpses filled the caves, too many to count. The worlds entire population was meant for the bellies of these beasts, and we are the fire keepers for the roasting flames. I wonder what would happen if they run out of food?

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    I think you hit the wrong section.

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    Do you know something we don't know, or was this meant for the "let's create a story" section?

    BTW, unless we are just that tasty, it would be simpler to just raise mindless animals for food and not transport 2 billion people to their larder light years away.

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