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    Can anyone recommend any novels featuring some sort of insect invasion or infestation? I'd rather it not be gigantic bugs a la Them. I dont mind bugs that are kind of big but not gigantic.
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    Check out Enders Game

    Orson Scott Card is one of my favourite writers - you might want to check out Ender's Game. The book is about the International Fleet, a multi-national organization that was set up to defend the earth from a second alien invasion, and their method of using child soldiers to fight for them. The aliens, the buggers, are what stick out when alien invasion comes to mind.

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    The Green Brain by Frank Herbert is good. It deals with a planetwide infestation of all kinds of different insects that seem to be winning against mankind, no matter how many pesticides they come up with.

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    The Furies by Keith Roberts
    Spiderworld by Colin Wilson

    both those involve big wasps/spiders but are good books

    Xeno by DF Jones - alien insect like invaders. I've just started reading this so can't comment on it.

    Web by John Wyndham - spiders
    The hephaestus plague by Tom Page - fire starting beetles

    There's plenty of pulpy horror titles - slugs - shaun hutson, locusts - guy n smith, squirm....
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    Colin Wilson never finished the series starting with Spiderworld, did he? I bought the first two of the series (three projected, I think), but the third never came out?

    Never mind, I see that much happened after the first two....
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    I was only aware of 4 books in the series but see on the link that another 3 are mentioned - I think these might be reissues of the same books with different titles??

    I would only recommend the first two of the series. I couldn't finish "the magician".

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    My only problem with that is that I would not be finishing the series. Can one read the first 2 books and not the later two? It is probably a moot point as I think I sold the first two when I didn't think they were going to be continued, but just as an academic question....

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    Robert Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers' would fit the bill, methinks.

    In the same vein, there's Robert Steakley's 'Armor'. And probably about a bizillion others, although I can't seem to think of them at the moment.

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    The Enders Series for sure...i did not care much for Starship Troopers however..

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