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    I just finished Legacy of the Force: Fury. These books are easily some of the best SW novels yet. The twists just keep coming. Some expected, some not so much.

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    I read the Thrawn trilogy a while back and it was really good except for one thing that sort of bugged me. Did anyone else find Luke to be just a little.....stupid? it was like he had no idea how to do ANYTHING. I mean, he had already fought Lord Vader at that point (twice) and gone up against the emperor and trained with Yoda. It just seemed like he was completly clueless. The jedi had only been gone for 20 years or so at that point so it seems like he should have known a tad bit more. Other than that the series was very enjoyable.

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    Sometimes the characters do seem to act irrationally.. and sometimes they take actions that seem like they are unnatural- sometimes I think this is because they are indeed trying to lengthen the plot (more books).

    However, for every moment of "What!?" there are tons of "YES!" moments.

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    I just finished Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Invincible, thus completing the Legacy of the Force arc.

    I must say that despite a few shortcomings... as well as a few story threads that were just dropped for some reason in the last book, this was a thrilling conclusion to what I believe is one of the best story arcs within the Star Wars universe.

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