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    Who wrote this story?

    The protagonist in the story is Dal.Dal swam silently toward the moonlit palms and palely gleaming sands just five hundred yards away. Five hundred yards, he thought exultantly, to freedom, to his own kind. The enemy could never penetrate the atollís camouflage.ÖHe didnít notice a slight turbulence, the swift emergence of a leathery tentacle from the water. But he fought desperately as he felt it tighten about his leg. Dalís screams were bubbly gurglings inaudible above the faint drone of the surf, as he was hauled effortlessly into the depths and sharp, unseen teeth.Ö

    What is the name of the story?and Who wrote it?thanks!
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    Did you write it?

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    It sort of reminds me of Life of Pi and that scene with the "plant" but it isn't. Especially since Pi is the protagonist. Sorry, other than that, can't help ya.

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    try searching google with a quoted phrase from this passage, it may be helpful. Then again, it may not be.

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