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    Inheritence Cycle

    Is anybody into the Inheritence Cycle books?

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    Nah we like good books. Not drivel.

    And we all liked star wars/lotr/Dragonriders of pern...etc. first time round

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    I havnt heard of them, whats the author, synopsis etc

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    [QUOTE=ajw2255;474833]I havnt heard of them, whats the author, synopsis etc[/QUOTE

    Take the synopsis of Star wars and replace certain words with Dragons and you've got The inheritance cycle. Also many of the names are names from LOTR, which have had a letter taken away or moved around.

    The Author Christopher Paolini, is 23 year old kid who first published it when he was 16 on his mother and fathers Publishing press. He thinks he's good as tolkien and every plot hole and question on his contridictions he answers read book 3.

    They're not very good books and only liked by those who are not well read in fantasy and cant see its blantent copying of other ideas.

    And like i said the synopsis is undistinguisable from Star Wars if you take out the word Dragon.

    The Main character is a mary sue who has every thing handed to him on a plate and they all think he is awesome. there is some dues ex macxhina. And a King who rules an empire.

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    That sounds about right.

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    Ok, I don't want to be argumentative with my first post here, but cut the kid some slack. I cant stand how everyone is always complaining that every fantasy story ever written is copying someone else's work. I'm sure lotr is copying from the epic of gilgamesh and star wars is from the bible, or maybe the iliad.

    So the kids got a mentor? Yea, what a terrible start to a fantasy novel. Eragon is like Aragorn? Its also one letter from dragon, d to e, the first dragon rider. Lets cut the kid some slack.

    Now that said, the story, while original enough, does kinda suck. And the writing is medicore. But for a 16 year old kid it kicks ass, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he produces in the future. My opinion anyway.

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