I realise why a lot of people like Batman, he is a cool character, but to like him because he wears black unlike Green Lantern because he wears green makes no sense. Green is in his name. If the guys name was Green FILL IN THE BLANK I would expect him to have some of the color of his namesake in his costume.

There have been a lot of great reboots to some major comic book characters in the last year or so: Thor, Iron-man, Hulk (there now is a red hulk), Captain America, etc.
As well as some that I would rather forget: Spiderman: a brand new day for instance.

While I left the states before things got really interesting with Batman, but when I left Batman had died in the Final Crisis (a very confusing and let down IMHO) and DC was just getting ready to launch the series Battle for the Cowl in which Robin's 1,2, and 3 were going to hack it out to see who would become the next batman.

As far as Final Crisis is concerned it was a big let down and now we have the rainbow coalition of lanterns from green, red, yellow, red, blue, purple, etc. While the beginings looked good the addition of all of the lanterns turned me off

Secret invasion from Marvel did not do much for me either, all it did was scramble a few teams and take Tony Stark out of the picture and set up the villians in control of much of the big departments like SHIELD, which reminds me of the original idea behind Wanted (the movie is completely different)