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I think that those who have taken this tack don't "get" the core idea of Superman: He never wanted to be a "leader of men" or one-man government; he always only wanted to respect the world, protect and nurture it... just what you'd expect from a farmer's son. The "Boy scout" jibes say it clearest, and you'll notice that Superman never contradicts anyone who ever called him that. At most, he's a policeman. Ultimately, he is as Miller presented him in Batman Returns: The obedient super-soldier.
But I don't think it's an unreasonable topic of exploration that that attitude might change over time. That after years, decades of having to seemingly right the same wrongs over and over again, a man with the power Superman possesses might justify to himself a more active role by saying, "I can protect a lot more people by making sure these things never happen in the first place."