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    Character: Reed Novak; Book: ?; Author: ?

    Can anyone remember a book about a fellow named Reed Novak?

    After a VERY long time of looking, I found a reference on this page:

    This is the guy I've been looking for!

    I have searched with Google, to no avail, but I'm not giving up yet; I finally have something to search for!

    I'm going to continue looking on online catalogs, in the hopes that I can find it... but so far, no go.

    Thanks in advance,

    Matt Gessner

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    I believe the book you may be thinking of is "Star Chase" written by Brian James Royal - published by Elsevier Nelson Books in 1979.

    I was just talking to my son about this book as it was a favorite of mine as a kid and when I googled it I found your post, to which I'm responding and this ebay ad (I am not the seller).

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    yes! That Is It! Thank You!!!

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    That was a tough one. Well done, B-Roc, for solving that one!


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    Glad I could help. My local library still carries it, hopefully yours does too.

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