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    looking for fantasy gurus...

    Hi Guys ,

    I'm looking for a little help in reading materials , if i give you guys a list of Authors i like can you please recommend me some good books? Ive just started reading fantasy but i find that im totally baffled when looking for new books .

    What ive read so far and i liked (loved) them :

    -Robert Jordan's wheel of time series (though i wish it wasnt so prolonged) , read them all.

    -R.A Salvatore's Drizzit series , read them all from Homeland till the Orc King.
    ( i loved this very very much )

    -Raymond E. Feist - have read all the sagas ( riftwar -> darkwar ) last book was wrath of a mad god if im not mistaken.

    -J.K Rowling's Harry Potter

    -David Gemmell's Rigante series ( its awesome ) im looking for more of his work to read , please help!

    -J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series

    -probably a few more..

    What ive read so far and didnt really like it :

    -Terry Brook's Sword of the truth series , i read till book 9/11 and i just gave up on it . ( im sorry to all the fans , but if there are better books from him please let me know )

    -Robin Hobb's - Life Ship trader series ( didnt really read the royal assasins series ) the story is not bad , but it doesnt make me turn them pages

    Guys if there are any other books like Robert Jordan's wheel of time series ,R.A Salvatore's Drizzit series , Raymond E. Feist , David Gemmell's Rigante series or Tolkien's LOTR please let me know also .

    Based on my list of favourites Authors what would you recommend to me?
    Really appreciate this , might glad i found this forum , I love books but none of my real life friends read.
    Love you all , thanks in advance

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    Ssshhhh, Rob's coming.

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    Sanderson and Rothfuss. Probably the best things going today.

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    i'd strongly recommend david gemmell's drenai books, especially since you liked the rigante series. the drenai saga starts with 'legend'. all of them are stand- alone books, losely connected and cover a span of a few hundred years. they feature some of gemmell's best characters (druss, waylander, skilgannon)

    you might also try james barclay's raven series.

    start with these, then come back for more...

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