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    Reading in September 2008

    This is where you tell us what you're reading in Fantasy this month. Good or bad, please let us know what you thought.

    Over to the Book Clubs....

    The Fantasy Book Club discussion is on Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Another fairly recent release.

    The SF Book Club's having a rest for now.

    Join in if you can!

    Mark / Hobbit
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    I just finished the First Law. I enjoyed it but I can not say that it broke any new ground. Very nice and I look forward to the stories continuing

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    I'm well into book two of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire - and absolutely loving it!

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    Last week I read Brook's Word and Void series which I had read a few years ago, and enjoyed it just as much this time. When I discovered that his Genesis series is sort of a continuation of that I picked Armageddon's Children and Elves of Cintra up. Loved AC and am reading Elves right now. Really enjoying these books. I have never read any of the Shannara books and I think I will start on those after these. I know others have said they aren't the best and are a ripoff of Tolkein, but I will read them and decide if I like them. I've read the books I am reading now are a link to the Shannara books, so I my really like them also.

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    Just finished The Blade Itself and was going to take a break -- that was pretty intense toward the end -- but I couldn't wait, so I'm reading Before They Are Hanged. I agree that no new ground is broken here, but I think Abercrombie is doing a fine job.

    Parts of these books remind me of Lord of the Rings. I don't know if it's intentional or not, and I'm okay with it.

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    I have about 50 % of the Warrior-Prophet to finish up and then I will likely plough through Thousand and then start either The Blade Itself or The Briar King. I really want to re-read GRRM but have so much on my shelf that I haven't got to yet!

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    I am currently reading The Stone of Farewell, book two of the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy by Tad Williams. It's a decent book and a decent series, but I think it's over hyped. It might have had a greater impact on me a decade ago, but now there is a lot more out there that's better.

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    K.J. bishop

    I reread The Etched City and i wonder if there a new book comming?
    Anyone knows?

    And I'm waiting for caine black knife

    this years no. 1 pick for me!

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    Jeffrey Thomas

    BTW. I would like to recommend one author nobody here mentioned...or read i think. Jeffrey Thomas - Everybody Scream! and Punktown... real solid and different stuff! good stories!

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    I finished Affinity Bridge by George Mann.

    Very enjoyable late Victorian alternate history romp.

    Inventive - just as a teaser, it's 1901 and Queen Victoria is going as strong as ever as a part mechanical, part human ruler in the care of strange Dr. Fabian - and with characters that you grow quickly attached to.

    The mystery part is not that subtle, so if you are looking for that you are not going to get it - the author almost points out the villain the first time we meet him - but it's in the tone of a combination of Sherlock Holmes/James Bond pastiche.

    It has a lot of similarities - though it's more modern in tone but also less epic - with Stephen Hunt superb loose series that started with At the Court of the Air.

    The novel is self-contained and the hc edition I own has a bonus Crown Investigator Sir Maurice Newbury/Chief Inspector Sir Charles Bainbridge short story which is quite powerful in its own, but for me the show stealers were the young and seemingly somewhat naive Veronica Hobbes assistant investigator of Maurice, her strange sister and of course the ending.

    I am looking forward to the following installments in what looks like a superb new series

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    I just finished The Ten Thousand and think it is my favorite book of 2008 so far. Excerpt from my review:

    So far, The Ten Thousand is my favorite book of 2008. I will admit that it starts slow and the writing style keeps you an arms length away from the characters initially. However, once the big battle ends only halfway through the novel, Paul's writing style pays off, and you absolutely wont be able to put the book down. You will be rooting for the Macht, even while being disgusted by some of their actions. Their long journey home is what really makes this book work.
    Prior to Kearney's book, I read The Last Argument of Kings. While overall I enjoyed the series immensely, I was expecting a darker ending in book 3.

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    Finished "The Anubis Gate" by Tim Powers : good one, with plenty of action set in 1810 with time travel and egyptian gods thrown in, but left me a little dissapointed by the end. Despite the quality prose and the complex plot I couldn't make myself care about any of the characters, they felt more like chess pieces moving about the board. And the ending is rather predictable... Anyway I will read other Powers books because they are standalone and because he writes good action scenes.
    A reason I was probably cold about Powers characters is probably due to K J Parker and the second installment of the Engineer trilogy : Evil for Evil - I care about most of the personages in this series, even when they act in a despicable way. I didn't mind all the minute details of hunting, metalworking or pottery, they add flesh and bone to the story and are essential to the plot. The book is truly evil, with wholesale carnage, but it manages to surprise and shock a jaded reader who has become too familiar with fantasy cliches. Good will probably not triumph by the end of the series, in fact the whole concepts of good and bad are turned upside down, with the "good" characters taking the most brutal decisions. The only gripe I had are some forced coincidences and some number crunching [a whole nation reduced to mainly one town and then to a caravan?]
    I needed a breather before tackling "The Escapement" - the final Engineer book, so I relaxed with Christopher Moore - The Stupidest Angel [a name I picked from the humorous fantasy thread] - it did the job of making me chuckle for an afternoon.
    I also started the third Harry Dresden book - "Grave Peril" and I found out I forgot a lot of details from the first 2. no matter, the books are mostly self contained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeStat View Post
    I reread The Etched City and i wonder if there a new book comming?
    Anyone knows?
    I don't believe Bishop intends on producing a novel any time soon. I do know that on her blog she produced some art/comics associated with The Etched City, but it's a long way from a storyline let alone another novel.

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    I read "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss and I liked it. It is an interesting read, a little slow sometimes, but interesting none of the less. I wrote my review of the novel and posted on my blog today.
    My next read is "Bitterwood" by James Maxey.

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    I just finished, and loved, Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay. This was my second Kay book to read (the first was Lions of Al-Rassan), and I can't wait to read more. I'm glad he writes a lot of stand-alone novels, as it is very refreshing to get the full story in a single book instead of having to commit to several 800 page books or continuously wait for sequels.

    I'm still working on Orphans of Chaos by John Wright on my phone. I'm about halfway through, but I haven't read any of it in several days because I was too engrossed in Tigana. Next up on my phone after OoC is Spirit Gate by Kate Elliott.

    Next up (non e-book) will be one of these:

    - Legend by Gemmell
    - Anubis Gates by Powers
    - The Bone Doll's Twin by Flewelling

    Help me choose!

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