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    Reading in September 2008

    This is where you tell us what you're reading in Fantasy this month. Good or bad, please let us know what you thought.

    Over to the Book Clubs....

    The Fantasy Book Club discussion is on Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Another fairly recent release.

    The SF Book Club's having a rest for now.

    Join in if you can!

    Mark / Hobbit
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    I just finished the First Law. I enjoyed it but I can not say that it broke any new ground. Very nice and I look forward to the stories continuing

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    I'm well into book two of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire - and absolutely loving it!

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    Last week I read Brook's Word and Void series which I had read a few years ago, and enjoyed it just as much this time. When I discovered that his Genesis series is sort of a continuation of that I picked Armageddon's Children and Elves of Cintra up. Loved AC and am reading Elves right now. Really enjoying these books. I have never read any of the Shannara books and I think I will start on those after these. I know others have said they aren't the best and are a ripoff of Tolkein, but I will read them and decide if I like them. I've read the books I am reading now are a link to the Shannara books, so I my really like them also.

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    Just finished The Blade Itself and was going to take a break -- that was pretty intense toward the end -- but I couldn't wait, so I'm reading Before They Are Hanged. I agree that no new ground is broken here, but I think Abercrombie is doing a fine job.

    Parts of these books remind me of Lord of the Rings. I don't know if it's intentional or not, and I'm okay with it.

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    I have about 50 % of the Warrior-Prophet to finish up and then I will likely plough through Thousand and then start either The Blade Itself or The Briar King. I really want to re-read GRRM but have so much on my shelf that I haven't got to yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinuviel View Post
    I'm well into book two of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire - and absolutely loving it!
    Just picked up the first book yesterday and can't wait for this weekend to start reading it.

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    I finished Alchemy of Stone by E. Sedia.

    This was a very different read from what I expected so at first I thought that it sets up a great storyline/world and then fails somewhat to live to that potential, but the last 3rd or so of the book and especially its poignant ending made me reconsider and appreciate this one as what it truly is - a mainstream character study disguised as science fantasy.

    The character happens to be a mechanical girl called Mattie, but her creator a Mechanic with a damaged face and a past that slowly revealed leads us to understand his obsessions, and why he made Mattie intelligent, self-aware, capable of feeling pain and pleasure including of a sensual type though maybe in not the usual ways and then later "emancipated" Mattie only to keep her "rewinding key" without which she will stop working after a while. Just to visit him, Loharri the mechanic claimed, to make sure that Mattie will not completely forsake him, but of course there is much more than that.

    And Mattie joins the Alchemists, the rivals, competitors and sometimes enemies of the Mechanics, a strange self-aware automaton in a city full of owned, lacking sentience and self-awareness servant automatons and when she takes both an important project and an important noble customer, Mattie unwittingly gets embroiled in plots, revolution and much more.

    Highly, highly recommended but with the caveat above - a very inventive world, but the focus is on the character study, Mattie, Loharri, Iolanda, Niobe, Sebastian, the Soul Smoker, the gargoyles, rather than on the workings of the world and such

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