Why should the onus be on Werthead to be on the ball about any other story Chris? I've only ever seen you get really bent out of shape over WoT, I say if you have something to offer then offer it. Just because Werthead has a kickass source on GRRM info doesn't mean he should have to set rumours about every other author straight. Also, if Martin's work inspires the kind of loyalty you seem to be taking issue with (correct me if I'm wrong) then it's on other authors to inspire such loyalty in their own fans ins't it?

Call me crazy but maybe, just maybe, if Goodkind comes under fire and few people speak up for him it has more than a little to do with the quality or popularity of his work and the personality he displays to the public through interviews (which in the case of Goodkind has been a litany of kooky ravings) and not much at all to do with George Martin or his fans.

I must not have been paying attention around here lately, I swear I've never noticed Mystar before this episode.