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    That would place you in a pretty exclusive group of insanely presumptuous people. Unless you are secretly grrm or an amazing editor in disguise of course.

    I feel like one of Jordans problems was he was married to his editor. She couldn't step back and tell him when to stop because she couldn't take an unbiased approach, it was her husband. I have zero writing skills and would never presume to be anywhere near the writer Jordan was, however it doesn't take much to start tearing out pages that do nothing but slow the story down.

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    Although that could have been a contributory factor, the more simple answer is that quality control goes out the money when the green starts rolling in. Happened to Brooks, Eddings, Feist, Goodkind and more, so I don't really pin the blame for the Jordan situation on his editor. And to a certain extent there is only so much an editor can do. Joe Abercrombie did a good blog post on this, pointing out that writers have actually have a fair bit more control and more of a say in what happens in editing than most readers realise, even in the early stages of their careers, and it's easy to pass the buck for problems onto the editors when it really stops with the writer.
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