My google alert malazan caught this yesterday.

Yesterday I was reading about the First Races of the Romanian mythology and among them I found...Steven Erikson's Jaghut!
They're called Jidovi (without the final "i" for singular). Giants with enormous power. Good hearted but unable to control themselves when they get angry, so they lived alone or with their families. They're extinct nowadays (you can still find their gigantic bones in the moldavian region) because the humans hunted them one by one and killed them (not even all of them had to be killed, many hanged themselves when they saw their dear ones attacked). They had enormous treasures of powerful items and they buried them in mounds (basically all the hills in Moldavia - north eastern Romania - contain these treasures) and protected the entrances with devastating spells.
I wonder if Steven Erikson based his jaghut on these Romanian giants or he found a similar eastern-european source. Whatever the case, I love his works even more now.