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    book recommendation in genres of heroic,epic fantasy etc..

    Hi all,

    I know there are quite a lot recommendation threads in the forum.However my requirement is a bit different, i request your help to pick my next book/series. Following are topics iam looking at....

    Coming of age - under this genre, i welcome recommendations on plots where hero goes through learning journey and proves himself as master magician/warrior etc.

    Heroic fantasy -any books similar to way of kings,blood song,house of blades etc. There have to be battles both individual and epic.

    Prophecies -iam great fan of this sub genre in fantasy and devoured most of them.

    I have enjoyed reading books such as king killer chronicles, bartemius series,rick riordan series,prince/king/emperror of thorns,traveller gate trilogy,joe abercombie series,soldier son trilogy,stormlight series,gentleman bastard series,sullivian books, scorcey ascendent series etc..

    I have read most of the books and running out search options, hence this post. I request you to reply me genre and book name.

    And no links to other threads(recommendation) please 

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    You can't go wrong with Jim Butcher's Codex Alera or anything by Brandon Sanderson, especially Mistborn and Elantris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davis Ashura View Post
    You can't go wrong with Jim Butcher's Codex Alera or anything by Brandon Sanderson, especially Mistborn and Elantris.
    HiDavis, thanks for reply.. i agree with you on the recommendation. However i have completed them long back . Any new recommendations from new releases.

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    I've been recommending these three recent titles several times already, including in the fantasy\horror recommendation thread right on this first page, where you can look to pick up many more other interesting releases.

    1 - Adrian Tchaikovsky - Shadows of the Apt. The last volume (10th) was published this summer, but you can read just the first four as a complete sequence in the grander epic war between insectoid humans using both technology and magic.

    2 - Robert V S Reddick - The Chatthrand Voyage, four books, finished series. Coming of age story for a boy and a girl during a voyage in a huge sailship.

    3 - David Anthony Durham - Acaccia, four books, finished. Four princes are fighting to regain their kingdom and to defeat ancient enemies bent on destroying the whole world.

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    Have you read The Belgariad series by David Eddings? It fits all of your criteria.

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    Read The Godless World trilogy by Brian Ruckley. You will not be disappointed. I just finished the final book and would recommend it to anyone. Some STELLAR battles between amazing warriors, plopped right into great politics and battles, and even better character work. It's dark and gritty. Low magic(mostly, magic has a larger theme later on, but in a more overall "world" type magic, not lightning bolts and fireballs). Has a bit of "coming of age" to it, as the central character is a late teens heir to a minor throne... And let me tell you I normally don't buy into the coming of age themed fantasy. Seems too formulaic and coddling often times.... This book is not formulaic, and the coming of age part is only in addition to a much larger, darker, more multi layered story.

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