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    Thumbs down Looking for Good Spy Fiction

    I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend some good Spy Fiction, Saving the World type novels. I have recently gotten into this genre of books and have read all the "Covert One" novels by Robert Ludlum and others, and all of Brad Thor's books which are excellent, but am having a hard time finding something comparable. I have tried Vince Flynn but find that he takes too much time to get going and I really like when a book jumps out and grabs you.

    If anyone out there knows of a good book or author I should try, I would be eternally Grateful.

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    Prominent writers of spy fiction, that I have read, spans spying from the First World War until the present day. A lot wrote during the "Cold War" and are classic!

    John Buchan
    Tom Clancy
    Len Deighton
    Ian Fleming
    Ken Follett
    Frederick Forsyth
    Graham Greene
    Adam Hall
    Jack Higgins
    Anthony Horowitz
    John le Carré
    Robert Ludlum
    Somerset Maugham
    Andy McNab

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    Alternative spy fiction like Clive Cussler (especially Dirk Pitt novels like "Sahara" and "Atlantis Found")

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    While not world changing, you should check out Brotherhood of the Rose and Fraternity of the Stone. Two phenomenal books.


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    The James Bond books are the only "saving the world" spy fiction I've read, but I'll recommend some others anyway.

    The Amateur by Robert Littell

    Anything by John LeCarre -- especially the Smiley books

    Anything by Trevanian -- but remember that his Sanction books (and Shibumi) can be read as parodies, so they might seem a bit over the top. You can take them seriously or you can giggle -- either way, they're good reading.

    Early Ken Follett -- he got a bit silly with The Third Twin and I haven't read him since, but Eye of the Needle, Lie Down With Lions, The Key to Rebecca are quite good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xvart View Post
    While not world changing, you should check out Brotherhood of the Rose and Fraternity of the Stone. Two phenomenal books.

    I'll second those recommendations. Morell also wrote (Rambo) First Blood.

    Most of the above mentioned is a great place to start a few of my old reads are

    David Hagberg his other name is Sean Flannery
    Robert Littell (his novel The Company was a tv movie staring Michael Keaton)
    Joe Buff
    Larry Bond (wrote the Harpoon training program for the Navy)
    Dale Brown
    Patrick Robinson
    W.E.B. Griffith (I like the President's Agent Series)

    For various time periods of Spy thriller fiction I would look up on under the key words spy thrillers it covers the gambit from WWI to Sci-fi and has a list of authors that you can click to get more information, here is the link:

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    Another spy author

    May I suggest Daniel Silva. He has 10+ books beginning with:
    The Unlikely Spy - WWII England
    The Marching Season - Irish vs England vs Catholic vs Protestant
    The English Assassin
    The Kill Artist
    The Mark of the Assassin

    I bought 9 Silva books on e-bay for about $2.00 per book

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    I would suggest these two. I got on a small spy kick a year ago

    Garfield's Hopscotch


    Higgins' The Eagle has Landed

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    Also, The Company by Robert Littell. I read it a long time ago and I remember it spanning a few decades of a few individuals within the company and a traitor. I remember it as a decent read.

    If I recall the book was turned into a miniseries or a TV movie starring Michael Keaton.

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    Who does good contemporary/modern day spy fiction? Current events or relevant issues instead of the WWII and cold war stuff?

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    Tom Clancy's more recent novels are still a tad bit outdated but still a good read. Some are cold war but then move into a US war against Japan. Then his latest book (by latest I mean 6 years ago) is The Teeth of the Tiger which would start a new hero in the same universe but he hasn't produced another book since then. He also has his NetForce books but I haven't read them as it is just his name at the top and not much imput comes from him beyond that.

    Brad Thor's series deals with modern day, his character is a former seal and is now a Secret Service agent. Lions of Lucerne is the first book.

    Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series is also another great series first book is Transfer of Power

    Eric Van Lustbader has taken over the Bourne series last time I checked there were two new novels in the Bourne series. I haven't read them but I have read other books by Lustbader and they were pretty decent reads.

    David Morrell (author of First Blood) has a lot of standalone novels Brotherhood of the Rose, Fraternity of the Stone, Fifth Profession. All of which were decent and while not exactly recent doesn't really deal with anything that would date it to my recollection.

    Daniel Silva is also a spy novelist and has a lot of novels one standalone The Unlikely Spy. The Michael Osborne series (2 books) starts with Mark of the Assassin or his other series featuring Gabriel Allon (9 books with a 10th to be released in 2010). First book in the series is The Kill Artist.

    Hope this helps, good luck in your search

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    Quote Originally Posted by AuntiePam View Post

    Anything by John LeCarre -- especially the Smiley books
    Seconded. Though most of his Smiley books tend more towards mystery. I would opt for The Spy Who Came In From The Cold. Smiley makes a cameo appearance in it but it has a different main character and centers around the time of the Cold War, just after the construction of the Berlin Wall and the retirement of Checkpoint Charlie.
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    Brotherhood of the Rose
    Great Book

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    Kauai Spy Games by Kristen James and Jeff Ivanov

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    Le Carre is thirded here, anything really by him. Also a second to Graham Greene, he was a brilliant author. One of my favorites writing today is Alan Furst. Beginning with NIGHT SOLDIERS, he writes some excellent
    WW1 era historical spy fiction.

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