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    Fantasy Forgotten

    *EDIT: I have found the titles to both books: The first is "Sword of Winter" by Marta Randall and the Second book is "Elvenbane" by Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton (thank you again Radone!).

    Two books that I cannot remember the titles of:

    First One: (EDIT: I have remembered that the title of this book does indeed have the word "Winter" in it...just not sure of the whole title...still looking for the name of it)
    I remember the cover had a picture of a lady hooded and cloaked on a horse in the snow with a boy on the ground traveling with her. I believe that in the beginning she goes to an inn and ends up "taking on" a boy to travel with her (why I do not know, maybe he tried to steal her horse and she took him as punishment, or the boys parents owed her money or something). She is not very nice to him, but during their travels (through the snow) she begins to protect him and warm up to him. There is something she is trying to do, somewhere she needs to be. I think she is a messenger of some importance (warrior-like, strong female). I remember something about marriage and betrayel as well.

    Second One:
    This is a series by a pretty well known author I believe. The first book starts with a human lady in a rich elven house-hold, she is a slave to the elven master who is very powerful and magical (he can alter appearances of entire rooms/houses). The slave girl (I believe her name starts with an A) is competing with all the other concubines in order to be the "favorite" and one of the other girls "makes" her pregnant so she runs away into the desert. Then a dragon happens to run into her at a watering hole. The dragon can shape-shift and at this point was a rock (she was in training for something). The lady gives birth to her child and dies right there at the watering hole, and the dragon takes the child back to her home. The child (a female half-elf?) grows up with the dragon and her two children (dragons-one male, one female). The human girl learns some magic (which the dragons and wizards always say is very "noisy") and eventually finds some of her own people, then there is some sort of a war and she takes leadership and persuades the dragons to fight with her. This is only the first book in a series and I'm irritated that I cannot remember it...the cover has a big red dragon on it with a human girl with red hair clothed in lavender-colored silk rags.

    Thank you for any help on these, I will know the title(s) immediately upon hearing it/them, so throw out any suggestions you may have.
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    Don't know the first one, but the second one sounds like Elvenbane by Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton. I think there are two sequels to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radone View Post
    Don't know the first one, but the second one sounds like Elvenbane by Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton. I think there are two sequels to it.

    Thank You very much Radone That is indeed the second book! Now I just need to make sure not to forget it again before I get a chance to buy it
    The first book I believe has the word "Winter" in it...I'm not sure. Thanks again though for your help

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    is it "winterbirth" by brian ruckley? ???

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    Smile Sword of Winter

    No, that's not it, but the good news is that I remembered the title:
    "Sword of Winter" by Marta Randall. Thank you for the suggestion though! I now know the titles of both books and will be buying them shortly! Thank you all for your help!

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