I've noticed a lot of threads about "favorite" this and that, but what about the times when you're reading a GREAT book or author and something pops in there that you're like... what the heck?

I'll give you an example of something like that for me. I've always been a huuuge Elminster fan, and I particularly like the way Ed Greenwood writes, and I bought up all the Elminster novels I could, including Elminster in Hell, had a great graphic on the cover and it sounded interesting enough...

so I started the book after having read the others, and, if memory serves me correct, 20 or 30 pages in, Elminster gets trapped by a demon in hell after closing a rift to save Faerun and um... pretty much the rest of the book is this demon sifting through Elminster's memories... I didn't finish the book... and the whole thing was in italics which kind of irked me, and i don't know why.

Anyone else have a moment like this?