From the blog:

In my 32 years Iíve not seen anything like the current atmosphere here in the US and even the rest of the world. The best single word for it seems to be HOPE. Late Tuesday night after the election results confirmed Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America the scene was simply amazing. Spontaneous celebrations erupted around the country. People celebrated from the White House to Times Square and even here in the relatively small city of Flagstaff, Arizona, people drove around honking car horns, screaming for joy and celebrations erupted in downtown. The next day came as a daze of ĎI canít believe it really happenedí and millions felt a true hope for the future of our country that has been missing.

Now, Iím much more of a realist than an idealist and I fully realize that the US is still a very divided country. However, this is nothing like any election Iíve experienced in my lifetime and the hope that those I know and that I feel myself cannot be denied. It seems much of the world feels the same way.

In this post-9-11 world things have changed. This change is reflected in all walks of life and science fiction has certainly embraced the reality. Look at everything from Ken Macleodís The Execution Channel to Cowboy Angels by Paul McAuley and from Cory Doctorowís Little Brother to David J. Williamsí Mirrored Heavens. Science Fiction writers have taken stock of the world and look toward an ominous future.

So, I ask does the election of Barack Obama change the game. Will Obama really change things or will he be more of the same for the US and the world? How will science fiction writers address the hope that permeates much of the world Ė at least temporarily?

I really am curious to hear from readers, writers, editors, and others. I suspect that any change will be some time in coming, less than hoped for, and that itís too premature to see how science fiction will react, if it reacts at all. But, I still feel that hope and it cannot be denied.