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    Ship with Consciousness? Please help


    I have been looking for a book for about 15 years now. I read it back in the late 80's to early 90's if I remember correctly. Here is the high level of what I remember. Any help getting a title, author, or link is greatly appreciated.

    I believe the paperback version of the cover had a space ship that looked kind of like the ships in star wars on the ice planet Hoth or the Battlestar Galactica fighters. Small ship, triangular, mostly cockpit. It was heavily damaged and oriented pointing to the lower left of the cover.

    A pilot was on some sort of long range mission and encountered combat and was heavily damaged. For some reason, he/she was not able to call for help. There was not enough life support left to make it back to base. The pilot set a course back to base and turned down everything. In the end, right before death, the pilot managed to transfer consciousness into the ship. The ship arrived back that the base, talking over the radio, but there was nobody alive. They isolated the ship and fixed the damage.

    Blurry:Then they started letting it out again to use in their war, I believe. It was small and could maneuver much better than the competition due to the lack of a human inside.

    I don't remember much more of this book, but I remember liking the story and would love to read it again. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Sounds like The Forever Man by Gordon R Dickson.

    I have it in my library. From what I can recall it gets a little over the top towards the end but a very interesting and enjoyable book.

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    Thank You....

    Thank you very much. That was exactly the cover I was picturing, but with the ship facing towards the opposite corner. Not bad for so long ago. I have spent a long time looking for this book. I have already ordered a copy. I thought I had replied to this thread but I guess I must not have. I look forward to reading it again. Your comment does remind me that it kind of went off the deep end towards the end. I had forgotten about that. That might be why I did not remember how it ended.

    Thanks Again,

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