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Thread: Magical forests

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    I've been considering trying Cherryh again after the very bad experience with TDT. Not sure if I should go for the Fortress series or maybe her SF like Downbelow Station, Faded Sun or Foreigner.

    Considered SF, but how about the "Trees" in OSC's Speaker for the Dead?

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    Garroting Deep still seems to be my favourite 'magical' forest, but Tapiau'la-an-aithen is a close second.

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    The book I am thinking about is the Fionavar Tapestry. Great magical forests.

    Also glad to see you mentioning CJ Cherryhs' - The Dreaming Tree! got to finish the book!

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    Some more books set in forests I found:

    Hood-Stephen Lawhead
    The Forest- Rutherfurd

    Any more suggestions? Outside of Mythago Wood that is

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    And then there's . . . .

    Besides Ryhope Wood-, he complete series encompassing--
    • Mythago Wood
    • Lavondyss
    • The Bone Forest
    • The Hollowing
    • Merlin's Wood
    • Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn

    --there's the regrettably little-known Zollocco by Cynthia Joyce Clay: nominally sf, but also feeling in many ways more like fantasy (and yes, with sentient forests).

    And of course, at least some of the forests in LotR are to some degree sentient.

    Oh, and there'a a "haunted" arguably sentient forest (though it is only one episode of the book) in John Bellairs' wonderful little masterpiece The Face in the Frost.

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    J.V. Jones Sword of Shadows series has takes place mostly in nature.

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    it seems my post from yesterday is "lost in translation" [i'm not really complaining, i know it's hard work to switch and upgrade servers without shutting down the forum completely] , so I'll post again:
    - Robin Hobb - Soldier Son series: very good ideas about intelligent trees, some weaknesses with whiny main character and weaky ending, but I appreciated the big forest culture of the dappled people
    - Patricia McKillip - Winter Rose and Solstice Wood : haunted forest and beautiful prose, especially the first one.
    - Ian McDonald - King of Morning, Queen of Day : four stories linked together by a forest gate into the faery world.
    - Juliet Marillier - Sevenwater books - there are some druids in it, but not a central part to the story.

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    Moonheart - Charles De Lint

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