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    "Whatever it takes"

    I'm not surprised.

    'Course, he's just speaking figuratively. Like he said, nowadays Hitler is viewed as the greatest evil in the world.

    Um, but he wasn't seen that way back in the start though, was he? Good guys upholding traditional values, wanting to transform the nation.

    Remember Palin and Co...who's a real American and who isn't and all that?

    Ah but what's the worst that could happen. God's guiding their actions, right? They just gotta have that will to power (Oh, excuse me, will to believe. BIg difference.)

    Whatever it takes.

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    Creepy stuff. I did not like his prayer at the inauguration, especially the explicit Christian theme of it. It was exclusionary in a time when as a nation we need to be able to accept differences and not outline them even more vividly.
    Ironic, though, that he wants Warren wants his Christians to be as passionate as atheists (Hitler, Lenin, Mao) Will to power? Now, who said that first?

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    Motivation comes in many different forms. God has been extremely exclusionary historically. The irony of God, no?

    Nietzsche's Der Wille Zur Macht was not a choice. It wasn't meant to motivate. It was the state of being, his ontology, and inescapable fact.

    Warren knows all the answers. Just give yourself to Jesus, some dead man whose words have been transcribed and rewritten for centuries.

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    The best of us have no conviction, the worst are full of passionate intenstiy, and as soon as they get some of that passionate intensity, they start to act like the worst.

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    He's taken a good idea and turned it into something totally wrong.

    It's good to commit yourself to religion by overcoming one's selfishness, by helping others. It's good to love others and sacrifice your time and energy to show it.

    His examples are comparable to what caused 9/11.

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