Iím noticing that scattering amidst the followers of this blog thereís quite a few artists so, bearing that in mind, do any of you guys or any others drifting through here fancy having a go at doing some pictures? Specifically Iím looking for scenes, characters, drones, monsters or anything else you can think of from my fiction. Iíve yet to see, for example, a depiction of a gabbleduck that matches up to what I see in my head. Here you can see two attempts at that, one the cover of The Gabble and the other from the front page of the Asimovís that first published Alien Archaeology. Perhaps youíd like to do something from The Skinner, maybe a heirodont, ocean or land, maybe a glister or one of the varieties of whelks like the frog whelks here. Plenty of other things that can be attempted, maybe a sand hog from Brass Man with Anderson mounted up, or Mr Crane himself. Thereís the spaceships too, like the Ogygian, the Jerusalem or the Cable Hogue. I leave that decision entirely up to youÖ

The pictures that turn up I'll display here with any links the artist wants and the three pictures (by separate artists) I judge best will each receive a free copy of Orbus when it comes out next September. If anyone comes up with that picture I'm seeking of a gabbleduck by then, that'll be worth a copy of Orbus plus copies of the rest of the Macmillan backlist of my books. My contact details can be found in 'Contacts' on my Virgin website.