As of September 2009 my new humourous crime ceries will be released. It has mild paranormal elements and is a lot of fun. For those that might be interested I'm running a blog for the new series here:

Below is the catalogue copy:

Move over Janet Evanovich, Australia has a fab, funny new crime writer to take it up to you!

The heroine of this hilarious crime novel, one Tara Rush, might have been just another unemployable, twenty-something, ex-private school girl if she didn’t have the gift of reading people’s auras. The trouble is, reading people’s auras sometimes tell you things about them they don’t want you to know.

When Tara reads crime boss Johnny Vogue’s aura (“a bubbling yellow-green, the colour of pus”) she gets sucked into an underworld ‘situation’ that sees her running for her life.

Fast-paced and feisty, with a cast of larger-than-life characters, and lots of action, this is a perfect commercial women’s read. In a market swamped by chick lit, the book’s tongue-in-cheek paranormal element and the strong, kick-arse, crime-cracking, female protagonist (who drives a gun-metal grey Monaro called ‘Mona’) makes this different to the rest.

“The carpark was chockers so I had to park Mona up the hill. That gave me time to brush my hair and re-lippy in private. But by the time I’d run down the hill, catching the beachfront gale head on, my good work was undone. My plan to enter the foyer looking groomed and pimped had turned into panic-at-the-disco.”

About the author

Marianne Delacourt is the pseudonym of a successful Australian sf-fantasy author who is sold throughout the world. Born and brought up in Perth, Marianne now lives in Brisbane with her husband and three sons.