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    I have a message to you moderators. At first I liked how you kept this site in reign. But now I have noticed something that bothers me. A lot of the threads you close down don't need to be closed. Sometimes the most interesting threads are closed and it bothers me. Yea, they may be similar to other threads, but it bothers me when good threads are closed down for no aparent reason. I believe your tyranical control over this site will end all of the interesting topics and eventually turn it into a site with only a few boring men/women sitting around arguing about the same old things. I don't believe I will ever come back to this site. Goodbye, farewell.

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    Sorry to hear that you feel this way, the reason why threads from time to time are closed is first and foremost because there already exist a thread that deals with the same topic. It makes sense to discuss the same topic in the same thread, doesn’t it?

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