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    Raymond E. Feist Fans

    I'm having trouble finding out the order of all Feist's books! If anyone would take the time to send me a list of his books from start to finish in order, it would be so greatly appreciated. I'm from a book shop, and have a friend who has gotten to "Shards of a broken crow" and wants to know what is after it. I've contacted distributors, publishers and searched our own system with no luck. So anyone who can help me would be my hero!! Thanks!

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    The Riftwar Saga
    Magician Part 1 - Apprentice
    Magician Part 2 - Master


    A Darkness At Sethanon

    The Riftwar Legacy
    Krondor : The Betrayal
    Murder In Krondor (Unconfirmed)
    Tear Of The Gods (Unconfirmed)

    Midkemia books
    Prince Of The Blood
    The Kings Buccaneer

    The Serpentwar Saga
    Shadow Of A Dark Queen
    Rise Of A Merchant Prince
    Rage Of A Demon King
    Shards Of A Broken Crown

    The Shadow War Saga (Unconfirmed)

    Empire Series
    Daughter Of The Empire (With Janny Wurts)
    Servant Of The Empire (With Janny Wurts)
    Mistress Of The Empire (With Janny Wurts)
    Faerie Tale

    Hope this list helps out. If not, you could try this site for more info:

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    Just a few things about the above list.....

    Magician Part 1 and Magician Part 2 are actually the two halves of Magician, with one or two extra minor details.

    The Riftwar Legacy is actually:
    Betrayal at Krondor
    Krondor: The Assasins
    Tear of the Gods

    Faerie Tale is a stand-alone novel, in no way related to any of the Midkemia series.

    The Shadow War saga, if that is what it's called, already has one book published in the UK, quite recently, but funnily enough I can't find any mention of it on the Web....

    Ah, just found out about the new series:
    Riftwar Legends
    Honoured Enemy

    So I don't think that there is actually a "Shadow War Saga", but I could be wrong.

    Hope this helps.


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    I shall add my two cents... the Riftwar Legends books will each by writen with a different co-author... 'Honoured Enemy' was with William Forstchen.

    I hope this will bring a new freshness to Midkema?

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    Sounds like it's a way for Ray Feist to give something to the rest of the fantasy writing community, ie less well-known writers....Not a bad idea, methinks.
    And hopefully it will bring a fresh outlook on the world of Midkemia.

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