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    Newspaper cartoon strips

    Hey all I was reading the newspaper today and came to the comics page and thought what drop in quality from the golden age of the 80's that got me reminiscing so here is my list of the best of the best. Hope no one finds this topic to off base.

    1. The Far Side: favorite single toon is one called "conversation stoppers"
    2. Bloom County intelligent inanity is the best description. A little sad that one could just substitute certain names and situations eg video games for music videos, Afghanistan for the falklands how little we have progressed, sigh need a dandelion patch to sit in!
    3. Calvin and Hobbes best exit ever in any media type and heart and humor aplenty
    4.Doonesbury especially the early surreal years
    5. Dilbert still occasionally makes me laugh out loud

    Those are mine how about yours as you can see humor is what counts to me I know there are other greats out there.

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    Hey Gerberc,

    Here are my top 5 comic strips:
    • Get Fuzzy
    • The Far Side
    • Non Sequitur
    • Jesus and Mo
    • Peanuts

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    Ah, I love lists!

    My Top 5
    1. Get Fuzzy
    2. Non Sequitur
    3. Garfield
    4. Baby Blues
    5. Family Circus (This is more a sense of wonder as to how long it's been around despite being totally unimaginative and almost impossibly dull.)

    Garfield made it onto the list, mainly because of that spinoff "Garfield Minus Garfield" which was maybe more hilarious than the original concept.

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    Always a fan of Family Circle, Calvin and Hobbes, For Better or Worse, Hi and Lois, Spider-Man

    I can remember as a kid, cutting out the Spider-Man strips out of the daily paper, and stapling them together into one long roll that I could roll and unroll, and it got to be a couple inches thick because I just kept adding to it. Good times, good times.

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