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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbit View Post
    Thank you, icowdave. It's been a while....

    You're welcome. I only knew that because I just added Slant to my reading pile. Hope it's good.

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    Did anyone mention Asimov's Foundation Trilogy? There you have a good plot with a strange society creating a Universal Utopia.

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    Two examples from Ursula Leguin:
    The Left Hand of Darkness as an example of a society which has no sexism.(also a great love story)

    The Dispossessed for an anarchist society as utopia.

    Going back into the early days of science fiction:
    WE by Yvegeny Zamatyin. An early totalitarian utopia and one of Orwells principal influences for 1984.

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    Left Hand of Darkness is a great read, probably the best sci-fi I have read.

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